How to Do the Cristiano Ronaldo Step-Over

Cristiano Ronaldo at a soccer match
Chris Brunskill/Fantasista / Getty Images

The Cristiano Ronaldo step-over skill is one of the reasons he became the most expensive player in soccer history after making a US$131 move from Manchester United to Real Madrid in July 2009.

It is part of a vast repertoire of tricks at his disposal. The Portuguese international uses the step over as a way to take the ball around opponents without simply outrunning them. It is a clever way to beat an opponent while keeping the ball closely controlled.

There are many players who perform the step over, but few as effectively as Ronaldo. We show you how to do it, with the arrow indicating which direction the ball should be going.

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Roll Over the Top of the Ball

Man demonstrating first step

 Stewart Coggin

Start in a stationary position with the ball just in front of you. Roll over the top of the ball with the underneath of your foot, so it moves across the front of you. Ensure that you roll over the whole of the ball with just one touch, stepping sideways (in the direction of the ball).

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Trap the Ball

Man demonstrating step 2

 Stewart Coggin 

Trap the ball with the inside of your other foot.

Now repeat the rolling motion with your other foot for practice.

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Allow the Ball to Roll Between Your Legs

Man demonstrating step 3

  Stewart Coggin

After you have practiced this a few times with both feet, again roll over the ball in front of you. But this time move your other leg forward, allowing the ball to go underneath this leg.

You will effectively be moving sideways, allowing the ball to roll between your legs, touching it just once in the entire move. Practice using both feet.

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Start Jogging Forwards

Man demonstrating step 4

  Stewart Coggin

Now attempt the Ronaldo step over while jogging forwards, rolling the ball ahead of you with one foot.

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Allow the Ball to Roll Between Your Legs While Jogging

Man demonstrating step 5

Allow the ball to go between your legs while continuing to run forwards.

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Bring in an Opponent

Man demonstrating step 6

  Stewart Coggin

Now bring in an opponent. Have them stand four or five yards in front of you, and start running at them.

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Step Over the Ball When You Reach the Opponent

Man demonstrating step 7

 Stewart Coggin 

Once you get within a couple of yards, employ the Ronaldo step-over skill, rolling over the ball and allowing it to go between your legs.

Be careful not to take the ball too far wide. The idea is to beat the opponent while maintaining as straight a path as possible.