11 DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Ugly Sweater Ideas That You'll Love

These DIY ugly Christmas sweater ideas are a great way to show off your creativity and skip those store-bought ugly sweaters that everyone else will be wearing to this year's holiday party.

You'll find more than just photos here, there are complete instructions on how to make these easy ugly Christmas sweaters. Each link includes the supplies you need and how you can put them all together to make the ugliest holiday outfit yet.

These Christmas sweaters go together quickly and use supplies that won't break the bank. You'll have some of the supplies already and home and others can be picked up at dollar stores, thrift stores, craft stores, and even garage sales.

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DIY Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater from The Samantha Show

A woman wearing an ugly Christmas sweater with lights
 The Samantha Show

This ugly Christmas sweater takes it to the next level because it includes working lights. Most of the materials can be picked up at the dollar store which includes pom-poms, jingle bells, tinsel, lights, and felt. 

There are lots of photos to help you DIY this sweater but you can, of course, add or take away anything to make it truly yours. 

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Gaudy Garland Christmas Sweater from Big Lots

A woman in an ugly Christmas sweater
Big Lots 

Big Lots has a free ugly sweater Christmas project that will get you a lot of attention at your next holiday party. It takes a cardigan or jacket which you completely cover with garland topped with ornaments and bows. The more the better with this Christmas sweater. 

This is an easy DIY project that you can make in just a few hours from start to finish. 

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Snow Globe Ugly Christmas Sweater from Instructables

A man wearing an ugly Christmas sweater with a snow globe on the front


This is a unique ugly Christmas sweater project like you've never seen before. A plastic bowl and some cheap Christmas decorations are used to create a 3D snow globe on the front of the sweater.

Do you have a fur baby who wants an ugly sweater, too? This project even includes a bonus project to make an ugly Christmas sweater for your dog. 

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Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater from The Cards We Drew

A man wearing an ugly Christmas sweater with a tree on it

The Cards We Drew

This ugly Christmas sweater was made for a man but it really can work on anyone, young and old. 

A Christmas tree with working lights is made from green garland and colorful ornaments. The tree skirt is the finishing touch and completes the true awfulness of this Christmas sweater. 

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DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater for Kids from Amy Latta Creations

A child wearing an ugly Christmas sweater in front of a Christmas tree

Amy Latta Creations

Here's an ugly Christmas sweater that's designed for a kid but would work for anyone. Amy Letta Creations has come up with this felt Christmas tree sweater that you can make as gaudy as you want.

An added element is the faux Christmas lights that trail along the arms. You could even add real lights if you want to take it to the next level. 

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Ugly Tie Christmas Tree Sweater from I Love to Create

A woman wearing an ugly Christmas sweater made out of ties

I Love to Create

This DIY ugly Christmas sweater combines another ugly Christmas tradition, the Christmas tie. The ties are put together to form a Christmas tree with a big bow on the top. You can add as many embellishments as you want to make it even uglier.

This is a simple no-sew project that uses fabric tape or glue to secure all the ties to the sweater. 

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Ugly Reindeer Christmas Sweater from The Country Chic Cottage

The Country Chic Cottage 

If you love reindeer, and especially Rudolph, you're going to love this ugly Christmas sweater project from The Country Chic Cottage.

Brown felt, red pom-poms, and large google eyes are all put together on a sweater to make a bigger than life Rudolph. 

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Puking Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater for Couples from Biscuits 'N Crazy

A couple wearing matching ugly Christmas sweaters

Biscuits 'N Crazy

Biscuits 'N Crazy has come up with this DIY ugly Christmas sweater that's perfect for a couple. Standing together the sweater forms a scene of Rudolph experiencing a Christmas indulgence gone bad. 

Hot glue attaches canvas, felt, and Christmas ornaments to the sweater, making this an easy project that will get you out of the door and to your party in no time.

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Pregnant Snowman Costume from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

A pregnant woman wearing a snowman ugly sweater

Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

If you're looking for a maternity ugly Christmas sweater you can DIY, look no further. This snowman ugly sweater has got you covered.

It uses an old t-shirt, felt, a scarf, a hat, and some twigs to create the look.

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Grump Cat Christmas Sweater from Cut Out and Keep

An ugly sweater with a grump cat on the front
 Cut Out and Keep

Cut Out and Keep has come up with a Christmas sweater featuring the ever-popular Grumpy Cat and gives directions on how you can make one too.

All you need is a sweater, some felt, and a pom-pom to make the look complete. 

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Quick $1 DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater from Diana Rambles

A couple wearing ugly Christmas sweaters in front of a Christmas tree

Diana Rambles

Diana Rambles shows you how to take a sweater you already have and add a holiday felt pack to it from a dollar store. It's a quick project and it's as cheap as you can get. 

There are lots of ways you could change and add to this sweater to make it an original creation by you.