Tall Women Fashion: Dissecting Skirt Length

Our best tips for finding the right skirt length for a taller figure.

Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy

Biology graced you with long legs, but unfortunately those legs didn’t come with a manual. You don’t want to keep them undercover, but deciding exactly how much of them to show off can be tricky. When choosing a skirt, consider two things: age and purpose. A 15-year-old can pull off a mini-skirt better than a 75-year-old, but regardless of your age, a super-short skirt will never work well in the boardroom.

Finding the best skirt length and the most flattering skirt length is all about picking the right shape for your figure, and one that feels appropriate for the venue, whether that's a meeting at work or you best friend's birthday party. We're all about the "if you've got it, flaunt it," mentality when the occasion is right.

Ahead, we've shared our best tips for how to dress in the appropriate skirt length for both your age and height. 

In Your Teens and Early 20s

If you’re still living it up in high school or college (lucky you), play around with skirt length and try everything from the very short mini-skirt to the very long maxi dress—yes, you can pull off just about any length you choose. This is the time in your life when you should play with fashion to determine your own style and preferences. But keep this in mind: Even though you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to your skirts, keep it conservative for job interviews or formal educational or professional banquets. A mid-thigh to knee-length skirt or even a tea-length cocktail dress works nicely for those occasions.

In Your Mid-20s and Up

  • Professional Life: As a professional trying to define yourself in the workplace, you want your coworkers and your boss to take you seriously. A skirt that’s slightly shorter than knee length will look professional, show off your killer calves, and still avoid displaying too much leg. You can go longer if you’d like, but calf- and full-length skirts can be hard to pull off in the workplace. To show off your personal style and keep your look fresh, play with the color and texture of the skirt. Try a colorful pencil skirt in red or yellow and pair it with a tucked-in drapey top in a neutral black, gray or khaki.
  • Personal Life: Tall women of all ages look great in a short skirt. As you grow out of your college-partying days, you will probably want to veer away from the ultra-short, ultra-tight mini skirt, but there’s nothing wrong with a skirt that ends at your fingertips or mid-thigh. If that seems too edgy, try a skirt that ends equidistant between your knees and your fingertips. A skirt this length will help prevent embarrassing Britney Spears-esque moments, but will still show off enough leg to make people take notice.
  • Party Life: As an adult, you want to balance sexy with conservative. Choose your skirt length for parties and special events based on the style of top you’ll be wearing. For instance, if you plan to wear a backless or a deep v-neck top, choose a skirt that’s slightly longer or looser. On the other hand, if your top offers full coverage, choose a shorter, tighter skirt to up the sexiness quotient.

How To Wear Long Skirts At Any Age

Tall women can look quite stunning in a long, flowing skirt. The trick is finding stores that sell skirts long enough. If your heart’s set on a long skirt for a beach vacation or a formal event, you may need to order a skirt from a specialty shop that can then alter the length for you. Bridal shops regularly order and alter clothing to meet the needs of all sizes and shapes of women, so you may want to start your search at a discount bridal or bridesmaid store.