Different Types of Thong Underwear

Thongs come in a range of styles and types

thong blush journelle
Photo courtesy of Journelle

Are you looking for a panty style that's super-sexy - or lingerie for a hot date? The thong meets all these criteria - and more. There are many different styles and variations to choose from - but first, the basics...

What's a Thong?

A thong is an underwear style that doesn't completely cover your rear. Instead of a normal back, this panty style has a very narrow V-shape in the back. It starts out wider at the waistline, before narrowing to just a thin strip of fabric - leaving most of your bum exposed.

The pretty turquoise blue lace thong shown is by Blush at Journelle, and it's sexy and sheer. You can't see the back in this photo, but it's even more narrow than the front.

Thong Styles

Many women love to wear thong underwear - and praise the benefits of this panty style. Others say they hate how a thong fits, and how it feels. Perhaps there are even some women who have never dared to try this skimpy style.

No matter what your position is on thong underwear, try different brands - your feelings may change. Every brand and style offers a completely different fit and feel. 

How to Choose a Thong Size

First, decide what type of thong you need. Is a sexy, risque panty at the top of your shopping list? Look for a thong with sheer panels, such as mesh, or a style that's adorned with fancy details like sequins or rhinestones. Some of the skimpiest styles have strings at the sides.

Are you looking for a comfortable thong? Then find a style made from soft, breathable fabric, like cotton or stretch lace.

Do you need a thong to help you avoid VPL (a.k.a. visible panty lines)? A seamless microfiber style will do the trick - it'll hide panty lines and look "invisible" under your clothes.

A Thong Has Many Variations

The thong panty has several sexy variations and there are a few styles that are similar - and just as racy. But they're all a little different.

G-Strings: A G-string panty is similar to a thong - except it's even skimpier. 

Tangas: This sexy undie looks like a bikini in the front, and a thong in the back - but it's wider in the back and will cover more of your butt than a typical thong. Some brands call a tanga panty a 'cheeky,' or a Brazilian bikini.​

Thong Boy Panties: A 'thong boy' is very similar to a boy short thong, (and some retailers stick to using this name), but it's often skimpier. It's a panty with boy cut legs, and a thong style back. It can be as comfortable as wearing a brief, combined with the invisible-panty-line benefit of a thong. You can find lots of thong boys at HerRoom.

Cheeky Panties: Some brands make a style called the 'cheeky' - and Victoria's Secret Pink has the Cheekster. These styles are similar to a thong, but they cover more skin.

To make it even more confusing, there's another name for these styles - Brazilian panties. Still very skimpy, but it covers a little more than a typical thong.