Develop an Effective 30-Second Presentation

Salesperson standing in front of group in a conference room introducing their product during a 30 second presentation

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A great 30-second presentation is fundamental to effective networking, as it can encourage prospects' interest and grow your business. It is an effective tool for introducing your business's products or services to prospective buyers, customers, and investors at networking events. A key to your message is believing in your business and how you can deliver value to others.

In addition, you will need to convince prospects that you are better than the competition, as some may be loyal to your competitors, even if they are not totally pleased with their business. You should convey a persuasive message that convinces them of the benefits of switching to your business.

The Objective of Your 30-Second Presentation

The objective of a 30-second presentation is to communicate specific information to prospective customers that entices them to hear more. In general, the presentation should be a quick compilation of the most basic but essential facts:

  • Identify yourself.
  • Identify your company.
  • Explain what your company does.
  • Discuss how its products or services can benefit the customer.
  • Give the prospect a reason to act sooner rather than later.

Create Your 30-Second Presentation

To build your 30-second presentation, you will need to provide certain information about your business and ask a few questions. For example:

  • Name: Hello, my name is____.
  • Company: I'm the CEO and President of ______.
  • What we do: We help companies increase their revenue and strengthen their brand by integrating their offline and online marketing efforts using a holistic approach.
  • Power questions: Do you market your company in both online and offline venues? How are the results?
  • How we can help: We start with strategy sessions with all our clients where we bring together a core team of our people and yours. We analyze your current marketing strategy and give you at least five integration techniques that you can begin using today to increase your revenue.
  • Why the prospect should act now: Would you like to schedule a strategy session while dates and times are still available?

Depending on the type of prospect you are engaging, you can modify your message to address the prospect's individual needs.

Listen and Ask the Right Questions

The idea isn't just about communicating great information about your company. It's about asking the right questions and listening to the responses. While it's important to formulate a good pitch, it's equally important to listen to your prospect to show that you are interested in what they have to say and to determine if you can help them add value.

Presenting an interesting 30-second presentation to prospects at networking events, can grab their attention and encourage them to ask qualifying questions. The proper message will serve as a tool to promote your business among network attendees and others, which can simplify your marketing efforts. With practice at keeping people interested and engaged, you can see successful results.