Destiny Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs

Cheats and more for Destiny on Xbox and PlayStation

Destiny is a first-person shooter (FPS) game with massively multiplayer online (MMO) and role-playing game (RPG) elements from Bungie, which is the same developer responsible for the legendary Halo and Marathon series. It follows in that same tradition with an epic science fiction story, a captivating setting, and thousands upon thousands of aliens to shoot in the face.

Since Destiny throws you right into the heat of battle with players from around the world, we've assembled the best codes, cheats, tips, and everything else you'll need to throw back the enemies of humanity and save the solar system.

All of the following codes and unlocks work regardless of whether you're playing on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One.

Destiny Codes

Destiny codes are released through a number of different sources, and they have to be redeemed on to take advantage of them. The process is pretty easy, but you will have to log in to using your PlayStation Network or Xbox network account.

If you want to take advantage of any of the free Destiny codes that you'll find below, here's the process:

If you've never used, you need to choose PlayStation Network if you're playing Destiny on PlayStation 4 or Xbox network if you're playing on Xbox One.

  1. Navigate to Bungie's code redemption site.
  2. Click on Sign In if you already have an account with Bungie, or Join Up if this is your first time.
  3. Enter the code you want to redeem, and click Enter.
  4. If you enter the code correctly, you will get a Code Verified message that provides specifics about whatever the code unlocked.
  5. Click Enter Another Code if you wish to redeem another code.

Destiny Grimoire Card Codes

Bungie is known for creating massively detailed universes for their games, and they always find unique ways to hide bits of lore and other information. In Destiny, one of the main sources of lore comes in the form of Grimoire Cards, which are collectible cards that are primarily unlocked by clearing content, meeting non-player characters (NPCs), eliminating enemies, and reaching other milestones.

Every Grimoire Card includes a snippet of lore that helps flesh out the game's universe, but some of them also help increase your Grimoire Score. Although Grimoire Score doesn't have any real gameplay effects, having a high score helps show other players that you've been around the solar system a few times and know what you're doing.

In addition to cards that are unlocked by playing the game, there are also over a dozen cards that you can unlock with codes.

Grab these codes for yourself, and you can start off with 240 free points in your Grimoire Score:

Destiny Code Grimoire Score What Grimoire Card Does it Unlock?
YKA-RJG-MH9 30 Collector's Card #1 - Class: Warlock
MVD-4N3-NKH 30 Collector's Card #2 - Class: Titan
3DA-P4X-F6A 30 Collector's Card #3 - Class: Hunter
TCN-HCD-TGY 15 Collector's Card #4 - Fallen: Riksis, Devil Archon
HDX-ALM-V4K 20 Collector's Card #5 - Destination: Old Russia, Earth
473-MXR-3X9 5 Collector's Card #6 - Enemy: Hive
JMR-LFN-4A3 20 Collector's Card #7 - Destination: The Ocean of Storms, Moon
HC3-H44-DKC 0 Collector's Card #8 - Exotic: Gjallarhorn
69P-KRM-JJA 15 Collector's Card #9 - Destination: The Tower
69P-VCH-337 0 Collector's Card #10 - Exotic: The Last Word
69R-CKD-X7L 20 Collector's Card #11 - Hive: Ogre
69R-DDD-FCP 20 Collector's Card #12 - Destination: Meridian Bay, Mars
69R-F99-AXG 5 Collector's Card #13 - Enemy: The Fallen
69R-VL7-J6A 0 Collector's Card #14 - Exotic: Red Death
69X-DJN-74V 5 Collector's Card #15 - Enemy: Cabal
6A7-7NP-3X7 5 Collector's Card #16 - Destination: Ishtar Sink, Venus
6A9-DTG-YGN 20 Collector's Card #17 - Vex: Minotaur

Destiny Emblem Codes

Emblems are cosmetic items that you can use to dress up your profile. Although Emblems don't convey any stat buffs like actual gear, they are a great way to show people what you've accomplished in the game.

Most emblems are awarded from clearing content, achieving victories, or purchased with Glimmer or Motes of Light, but there are a few that you can grab for free right now.

Destiny Code What Emblem Does it Unlock?
JDT-NLC-JKM Ab Aeterno
FJ9-LAM-67F Binding Focus
JNX-DMH-XLA Field of Light
A7L-FYC-44X Flames of Forgotten Truth
JD7-4CM-HJG Illusion of Light
7CP-94V-LFP Lone Focus, Jagged Edge
X4C-FGX-MX3 Note of Conquest
N3L-XN6-PXF The Reflective Proof
7F9-767-F74 Sign of the Finite
X9F-GMA-H6D The Unimagined Plane

Destiny Shader Codes

Shaders are one of the best ways to customize your look in Destiny. Equipping a shader may totally change the color scheme and pattern of your armor, recolor specific parts, or leave the armor unchanged depending on the specific gear you have equipped.

Most shaders are earned by playing the game or purchased from vendors like Eva Levante, but there are a few that you can get from codes:

Destiny Code What Shader Does it Unlock?
7MM-VPD-MHP Double Banshee
RXC-9XJ-4MH Oracle 99

Destiny Hidden Sub-Class Bonuses

Destiny sub-classes add new abilities and tweak the way classes are played, but there are also hidden stat bonuses that most people don't know about. If you're trying to min/max your stats, and care more about that than the specific abilities you have access to, here are the stat bonuses you get from sub-class attributes.

Sub-Class Attribute Stat Bonus
Bladedancer (Hunter) Better Control Recovery +1
  Fleet Footed Agility +1
Gunslinger (Hunter) Circle of Life Armor +1
  Over the Horizon Recovery +1
Defender (Titan) Increased Control Agility +1
  Untouchable Armor +1
Striker (Titan) Headstrong Agility +1
  Unstoppable Armor +1
Sunsinger (Warlock) Angel of Light Agility +1
  Flameshield Armor +1
Voidwalker Angry Magic Armor +1
  Annihilate Agility +1

Destiny Weapon Unlocks

Most of the weapons in Destiny are obtained by grinding engrams, but there are a handful of exotic and legendary weapons that you can get a chance at, or straight up unlock, by completing very specific tasks. It might be easier to just grind for legendary engrams, but if you want a specific weapon these are the ones you can go after.

How to Unlock Vex Mythoclast (Exotic Fusion Rifle)

Defeat the final boss in the Vault of Glass on Hard mode.

Drop is not guaranteed.

How to Unlock Murmur (Legendary Fusion Rifle)

Complete the following missions:​ Fist of Crota (Level 20 mission at Cosmodrome), Siege of the Warmind (Level 25 mission at Rasputin's bunker), and The Wakening (Level 26 mission at the Ocean of Storms)

How to Unlock Necrochasm (Exotic Auto Rifle)

  1. Obtain a weapon called Husk of the Pit (Common Auto Rifle)
  2. Buy an Embalming Orb from Eris Morn.
  3. Unlock the cannibalism perk on the Husk of the Pit.
  4. Kill 500 Hive enemies with the Husk of the Pit.
  5. Defeat the raid boss of Crota's End on Hard to obtain a Crux of Crota.
  6. Use the Crux of Crota to unlock the burgeoning hunger perk on the Eidolon Ally.
  7. Kill additional Hive enemies to turn the Eidolon Ally into the Necrochasm.

Embalming Orb from Eris Morn requires reputation level three and costs 10 Black Wax Idols.

Killing 500 Hive enemies with the Husk of the Pit turns it into the Eidolon Ally (Legendary Auto Rifle)

Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon Bounties

Each time you turn in a completed bounty to the Bounty Trader, you have about a two percent chance of obtaining an exotic bounty. That's pretty rare, but it is a chance to get your hands on a specific exotic weapon. The road to earning each of these exotics is long and arduous, but at least you're guaranteed some nice loot at the end.

If you're lucky enough to nab an exotic weapon bounty, here are the steps you'll need to complete:

A Dubious Task: Invective (Shotgun)

  1. Obtain a request from Ikora Rey.
  2. Complete five Strikes without dying.
  3. Obtain a second request from Ikora.
  4. Achieve a kill to death spread of +25 in the Crucible.
  5. Obtain a third request from Ikora.
  6. Complete a weekly challenge mission and obtain a Clot of Darkness.
  7. Obtain Invective (Uncharged) from Ikora.
  8. Buy an Invective component from the Gunsmith.
  9. Obtain Invective (Charged) from Ikora.

Both kills and assists are worth +1 and a death is worth -1, so get as many kills and assists as you can without dying.

A Light in the Dark: Thorn (Hand Cannon)

  1. Complete The Summoning Pits Strike.
  2. Kill Hive enemies on the Moon to earn points.
  3. Defeat opponents in the Crucible with Void damage to earn points.
  4. Obtain an Infusion of light from The Speaker.
  5. Obtain one Mote of Light.
  6. Talk to Ikora.
  7. Enter the level 26 version of The Summoning Pits Strike and kill Xyor, the Unwed.
  8. Obtain Thorn from The Speaker.

500 points required to proceed beyond the Moon. Most kills give 2 points, but some give 20 or 50.

500 points required to proceed beyond the Crucible. Player earns 5 points per kill and loses 2 points per death.

Leave Phogoth alive until Xyor spawns.

A Voice in the Wilderness: Super Good Advice (Machine Gun)

  1. Obtain A Mournful Gun or A Recalcitrant Gun on Mars by opening up loot caches.
  2. Purchase an ammunition module from Xur.
  3. Obtain A Pleased Machine Gun from the Gunsmith.
  4. Kill enemies using a machine gun to earn points.
  5. Return to the Gunsmith to obtain Super Good Advice.

500 points required to return to the Gunsmith. Player gets 1 point for kills and 3 points for headshots and spree kills. Player loses 5 points for kills with a rocket launcher. 

An Unknown Patron: Fate of All Fools (Scout Rifle)

  1. Obtain an invitation by winning five matches in the Crucible.
  2. Take the invitation to the Bounty Tracker.
  3. Participate in the Crucible to complete The First Test.
  4. Return to the Bounty Tracker.
  5. Compete in the Trials of Osiris.
  6. Return to the Bounty Tracker.
  7. Use a scout rifle to get kills, headshots, and killing sprees in the Crucible.
  8. Obtain Fate of All Fools from the Bounty Tracker.

A player must win 10 times without losing more than twice, or win a total of 25 times regardless of losses to proceed beyond the Trials of Osiris.

Shattered Memory Fragment: Pocket Infinity (Fusion Rifle)

  1. Obtain a Damaged Ghost from the Shattered Coast on Venus.
  2. Kill a Gate Lord in a Heroic story mission.
  3. Obtain Fusion Rifle Schematics from the Speaker.
  4. Obtain a Depleted Exotic Weapon core from the Gunsmith.
  5. Dismantle fusion rifles.
  6. Obtain the Unstable Prototype Fusion Rifle frame from the Gunsmith.
  7. Use any fusion rifle to kill 200 enemies in a single weekly Nightfall Strike.
  8. Obtain Pocket Infinity from the Gunsmith.

Fusion rifles must be rare or higher quality. Rare fusion rifles are sometimes available for purchase directly from the Gunsmith.

Toland's Legacy: Bad Juju (Pulse Rifle)

  1. Complete a weekly Heroic or Nightfall Strike to obtain Toland's Journal (Fragmented).
  2. Talk to Ikora Rey.
  3. Complete 25 additional Strikes.
  4. Return to Ikora.
  5. Talk to the Gunsmith to get a Black Market Coupon.
  6. Locate Xur, and obtain the Darkness-infused Weapon Frame.
  7. Return to the Gunsmith to get the Darkness-infused Pulse Rifle. (Costs one Strange Coin)
  8. Earn 10,000 points in the crucible.
  9. Obtain Bad Juju from the Gunsmith.

Killing or assisting to kill a Titan or Hunter is worth 25 points, and Warlocks are worth 75 points.