Despicable Me: Minion Rush Cheats and Walkthroughs

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Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a free-to-play mobile game based on the popular film franchise. Although players can spend real-world money on power-ups, it's possible to unlock everything in the game by completing every challenge and collecting enough bananas. Use the following walkthrough and cheats for Minion Rush to thwart Vector's evil plot.

These cheats apply to the Android and iOS versions of the Despicable Me: Minion Rush mobile app. Versions of the game for other platforms are no longer updated.

How to Collect More Bananas in Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Collect bananas as you run through each level, and trade bananas for new costumes and power-ups. After you beat a level, you can replay it at any time to grab more bananas. Here are a few tricks to increase the number of bananas you earn on each run.

Log in Every Day

You'll earn extra bananas once per day by loading the game. If you link your Facebook account, you'll also earn a Gru token for every day you log in.

Increase the Despicable Multiplier

While you may be inclined to avoid the other minions you come across, running into them or otherwise crushing them by destroying nearby objects doubles the number of bananas you score. This effect stacks, so each minion you run over exponentially increases your banana count.

Upgrade the Fluffy Unicorn

The Fluffy Unicorn is a power-up that takes you to a bonus stage where you can collect extra bananas. Unlock a costume that comes with this power-up, such as the knight, and focus on upgrading it before any others to maximize the amount of time you spend in bonus stages.

Wear the Worker Outfit

Wearing the worker outfit increases the number of bananas you collect in a level by 10 percent.

Purchase the Golden Banana

If you're going to spend actual money on an item, it should be the Golden Banana, which doubles the number of bananas you collect in each level. It's not a necessity, but it will allow you to unlock new items twice as fast.

How to Get More Gru Tokens

Gru tokens are another form of virtual currency in Minion Rush. Earn Gru tokens by completing various tasks, or buy tokens with real money to unlock new items.

Complete Daily Tasks

Tap the checklist in the lower-right corner of the main menu to see daily tasks. Complete these challenges to win the corresponding reward. If you tap the arrow on the left side of the menu, you're given another list of things you can do to earn extra tokens, such as watching a video.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Connect to Facebook

Connect your Minion Rush account to your Facebook profile to earn daily Gru tokens. You must log in to the game each day to claim these tokens.

Don't Waste Gru Tokens on Continues

After you unlock the next level, there's no reason to waste a Gru token to continue. Instead, choose to start the level from the beginning. If you have a tough time with a level, equip the Dad outfit, which allows you to keep going after taking a hit.

Costumes, Upgrades, and Banana Coins

In addition to bananas and Gru tokens, there's another type of currency called banana coins, or simply coins. Coins are required to upgrade costumes and the corresponding power-ups, so you'll need a lot of coins. 

Don't bother spending real money on coins. Instead, trade bananas and Gru tokens to get as many as you need.

Minion Rush Gift Codes

Although you can find gift codes for Minion Rush floating around the web, the current version no longer supports such codes. Other features and content have been removed from the mobile versions of Minion Rush as new content has been added. If you miss some of the old features, download the Windows version.

How to Dodge in Mid-Air

While in mid-jump, it's possible to change the course of your direction by swiping left or right. This technique can be a lifesaver in some levels.

How to Find the Disco Room

There's a not-so-secret area in Gru's lab you can discover by following a trail of bananas into a pipe. The entrance to the room appears randomly, but as long as you track down every banana in your path, you'll inevitably find this cool Easter egg.

How to Beat Vector in Minion Rush

One of the tougher bosses in Minion Rush, Vector, begins his attack by sending large bombs rolling in your direction. Pay attention to the bombs, and you'll notice a target that appears for a brief window of time. Get close to an explosive, and tap it when you see this tag to throw the bombs back at Vector.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush Google Play Achievements

New achievements are constantly added, and some old ones have been removed along with other discontinued content.

Achievement How to Unlock
A Day at the Park Run 100,000 meters across Super Silly Fun Land.
Bah-na-naaaaas! Collect 750 bananas in the same run.
Beach Bummin Run 100,000 meters along the beach.
Better Safe Than Sorry Perform 100 near misses with the Minion Shield.
Big Fish Punch 1,000 minions as the Mega Minion.
Bodyguard Use the Minion Shield 50 times.
Bull in a China Shop Break 100 obstacles as the Evil Minion in El Macho's Lair.
Bully on the Loose  Punch 1,000 minions in the Prison.
Cleaner Collect 50,000 bananas with the Banana Vacuum.
Close Call Expert Perform 500 near misses with the Minion Shield.
Cold as Ice Smash through 100 obstacles using the Freeze Ray.
Cookie Crumbler Defeat Meena by throwing 8 Cookie Bots.
Deployment Costs Spend 100 units of energy to access Special Missions.
Despicable You Perform 20 Despicable Actions in the same run.
Downtown Minion Run 150,000 meters while in Downtown.
Exotic Marathon Run 100,000 meters in the Volcano.
Fast Neighbor Run 100,000 meters in the Residential Area.
Food for the Unicorns Collect 100,000 bananas with the Fluffy Unicorn.
Forge Ahead Run 2,000 meters in the same run.
In Full Sail Run 100,000 meters in Pier 12.
Intruder Alert Run 100,000 meters in Vector's Fortress.
It's So Fluffy! Ride Fluffy Unicorn 50 times.
Jailbreaker Run 100,000 meters in the Prison.
Large Pockets Collect 8 items in one run during a Special Mission.
Last in the Blizzard Run 100,000 meters in The Arctic Base.
Love Gives You Wings Run 100,000 meters in Minion Park.
Lunar Hunter Find 50 moons in Vector's Fortress.
Macho Amigo Run 100,000 meters in El Macho's Lair.
Marathon Minion Run 1,000,000 meters.
Massive Jumper in AVL Jump over obstacles 500 times in the AVL.
Mega Havoc Become Mega Minion 20 times in the Mall.
Mega Minion Become Mega Minion 50 times.
Minion Smash! Smash through 1,000 obstacles using the Freeze Ray.
Mopping Minion Glide across a wet floor 10 times in the Mall.
Mucho Macho Defeat El Macho for the first time.
Mummy with No Gifts Run 100,000 meters with no power-ups in the Pyramids.
Not a Fluffy Walk in the Park Find 50 Fluffy Unicorns in Super Silly Fun Land.
Not-So-Easy Freezy Freeze 250 objects in The Arctic Base.
On the Fly Collect 200,000 bananas with Gru's Rocket.
Pick up Mast Pick up 1,000 power-ups.
Pier Rocketeer Run 100,000 meters with Gru's Rocket in Pier 12.
Power-Seeker Unlock all power-ups.
Puppet's Bane Defeat the Villaintriloquist.
Purple Mess Crash into 2,000 obstacles with Evil Minion.
Return the the 80's! Run 100,000 meters in Bratt's Lair.
Rocketeer! Use Gru's Rocket 50 times.
Ruinous Gate Crasher Commit 10,000 despicable actions in Bratt's Lair.
Sandstorm Runner Run 100,000 meters in the Pyramids.
Shield Roller Roll 25,000 times with the Minion Shield.
Shopping Spree Run 150,000 meters straight in the Mall.
Slide-and-Seek Game Use the slide 50 times in the Residential Area.
Special Mission Agent Collect a total of 1,000 items in Special Missions.
Special Mission Recruit Collect a total of 400 items in Special Missions.
Special Mission Specialist Collect a total of 1,800 items in Special Missions.
Spread the Mayhem! Use the Evil Minion in all locations.
Starhunter! Collect 2,500 stars on the Moon.
Sweet Tooth Collect 100,000 bananas with the Banana Splitter.
That's a Big House! Run 100,000 meters in Eduardo's House.
The Mad Scientist Run 100,000 in Gru's Lab.
Too Greedy for Ice Cream Get 50,000 bananas with the Banana Splitter in Minion Beach.
Transformation Hobbyist Become Evil Minion 50 times.
Unwanted Visitor Run 100,000 meters through the Anti-Villain League.
Vaccumaniac Use the Banana Vacuum 50 times.
Vanquish Vector Defeat Vector.