DeForest of California

Rabbit. California Collectibles Plus/TIAS

Margaret DeForest's ceramics hobby became a family owned business in 1950. The company shut its doors in 1970.

Duarte, California

Was the location of the location of the pottery.


When a collector thinks of DeForest, one product springs to mind, the whimsical pigs with the sayings "Go ahead make a pig of yourself!". But the pig jars and serving pieces weren't the only things in their line. Pieces include condiment jars, salt, and peppers, chip and dips, banks and platters.

Most Valued

The most valuable jars in the DeForest line include the Ponytail Girl, Halo Boy, and Little King jar. Values can range from $600 to over $1000 depending on the market and method of selling.


Deforest of California, U.S.A.

Fakes and Reproductions

At the time of this writing, DeForest of California jars does not appear to be reproduced.

The Bottom Line

DeForest of California is a company that tried to go against the rising trend of Japanese products that started coming ashore about the same time as the company started. DeForest was apparently successful for at least some time, as they stayed in business for twenty years and employing as many as 80 people at their California plant.

Many of the company's jars were wood-toned, which can be confusing to collectors -- as California Originals, Twin Winton and Treasure Craft also produced wood-toned jars in the same time period.

Today's collectors love the pig line of pottery pieces, but check out the other jars in the line, they're equally adorable!

Sources Include:

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Values for jars shown:

  • Rabbit - $45.
  • Nun - $125.