Defining Dance and Party Dress Codes

White Tie vs. Black Tie vs. Semi-Formal

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As you start to attend sweet sixteen celebrations, semi-formals and graduation parties, you’ll discover that each event has a dress code. Some invitations are pretty straight forward, while others (black tie “optional,” what?) can be confusing. And sometimes, your invitation won’t say anything at all about how to dress… it’s just presumed that you’ll know. So, how do you avoid being over or under-dressed at a party or event? Here’s a break down of what guys and girls need to know about dressing up for those special occasions.

White Tie.
Black Tie.
black tie
Black tie
Black Tie Optional.
Creative Black Tie.
cocktail dress
Dressy Casual.
dressy casual

events. Any kind of dress, skirt and top, dressy pants outfit or even nice jeans with a dressy top will do.