Def Jam Vendetta Cheats and Unlocks for PlayStation 2

Codes to unlock characters, costumes, and more

Professional wrestling meets hip-hop in Def Jam Vendetta for the PS2. Use cheat codes to unlock characters like DMX, Ludacris, and Method Man in addition to alternate outfits and arenas to fight in.

Cheats in this article apply exclusively to the 2003 PlayStation 2 game. There are also cheat codes for Def Jam Fight for NY on PS2 and Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover on PSP.

Def Jam Vendetta PS2 box art

How to Enter Cheats in Def Jam Vendetta

At the character select screen (or the stage select screen for unlocking stages), press and hold all four shoulder buttons (L1 + L2 + R1 + R2) on the controller, then quickly enter the code you want. Don't let go of the shoulder buttons until you finish inputting the code.

Cheat codes for Def Jam Vendetta do not work in Story Mode.

Def Jam Vendetta Cheat Codes

Unlock characters, alternate outfits, and venues with these codes. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 as you enter a code:

Unlock Cheat Code
Arii X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square
Briggs X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle
Briggs (alternate costume) X, Triangle, Square, X, Circle
Carla X, Square, X, X, X
Chukklez Square, Square, Triangle, X, Circle
Cruz Circle, Triangle, X, X, Circle
D-Mob Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle
D-Mob (alternate costume) Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Square
Dan G X, Circle, X, Circle, Square
Deebo Circle, Circle, X, X, Triangle
Deja Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, X
DMX Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square
Drake Triangle, Square, Circle, X, X
Drake (alternate costume)  X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle
Funkmaster Flex Circle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square
Headache Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle
House Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X
Iceberg Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle
Ludacris Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle
Manny (alternate costume) Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle
Masa X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square
Method Man Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Circle
Moses Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, X
N.O.R.E. Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle
Nyne Square, Circle, X, X, Triangle
Omar Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle
Opal Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle
Peewee X, X, Square, Triangle, Square
Peewee (alternate costume) X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle
Penny X, X, X, Triangle, Circle
Pockets Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X
Proof (alternate costume) X, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle
Razor Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X
Razor (alternate costume) Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle
Redman Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, X
Ruffneck X, Square, X, Triangle, Circle
Ruffneck (alternate outfit) Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Square
Scarface Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square
Sketch Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, X
Snowman Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Circle
Spider Square, Triangle, X, Square, Circle
Steel X, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle
Tank Triangle, Square, Circle, X, X
T'ai Circle, Circle, Square, X, Circle
Zaheer Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, X