Deep Concave Wheels: New Design Trend

ADV.1 Wheels

There's no real question that auto design has its trends and fashions that come and go. Wheel designs do too. In the past few decades, the trends have largely been towards larger and larger wheels, custom wheels, multi-piece wheels, more chrome, more “bling” and ever deeper dishes. Other trends have come and gone, mercifully so in the case of the deliciously ostentatious free-spinning wheel hub assemblies called “spinners”, LED lighted wheels, or the tendency to encrust gigantic wheels with semi-precious stones. (Some years ago, a set of 22” diamond-encrusted wheels debuted at the SEMA show. Price: $1 million. Asanti threw in the accompanying Bentley and a year's worth of 24-hour security guard for free.)

In the past few years, however, I have been seeing signs of something of a major shift in wheel fashions. Many wheelmakers are moving away from chrome and towards newer finishes like TSW's “diamond cut” machining process and specialty paints like hypersilver. But the very latest trend in the wheel industry is moving away from deep-dish wheels and towards the so-called “Deep Concave” designs.

Deep concave wheels are designed with spokes that curve, more or less gracefully, inwards toward the hub center of the wheel, such that if you put the wheel face up and flat on the ground, the cosmetic face of the wheel would form a bowl shape. When on the car, that bowl shape curves inward towards the car's suspension, creating a very interesting and sometimes even jarringly fresh look. Most concave wheels will have a very shallow dish or even no dish at all, in order to maximize this curvature

It's generally accepted that the concept of deep concave wheels came from the mind of Jordan Swerdloff, late of 360 Forged, and now CEO of ADV.1 Wheels, who drew the original design on a napkin during a business lunch. As Jordan told the website in an extensive interview:

“I was at a lunch meeting with a couple guys who I won’t name and I drew the forging profile on a napkin to discuss the possibility of getting it engineered and manufactured. At the time, the idea was pretty far out there so I got the typical 'it’s impossible', 'why?', etc... Once I finalized the design with my 3d artist and threw some renderings together it was obvious, the look was absolutely amazing – especially being that at that time there was nothing else like it ever seen.”

Jordan, excited about the possibilities for wheel designs, released renderings of his ideas online, something he now has come to regret, as the wheel business has little respect for amateur design stakeholders...

“after tweaking the design and renders for a couple weeks I released them online just to gauge the reaction... Releasing those renderings was a huge mistake... the downside was that it started the concave race and gave competition the opportunity to start on development before I had anything in production.“

Swerdloff's company, 360 Forged failed soon after for a variety of reasons largely unconnected to his concave designs, and he endured a storm of vicious rumors and demonstrable untruths regarding his personal integrity and actions at his former company, which continues operations to this day under different management. Today Jordan runs a new company, ADV.1, which combines breathtaking deep concave designs with customizable finishes to stand out as one of the most fascinating wheel companies in the world.

Swerdloff remains philosophical about contributing what has rapidly become a sea-change in the future of wheel design:

“Something I’ve learned after going through so many projects and ideas, some good and plenty bad, is that you can’t force motivation and you can’t force an idea. Ideas come and go but every now and then you’ll have an idea that you know is something special... The trends in the wheel industry change, but they change when someone creates a new trend and leads the market in a new direction. The big lip craze was the standard for years, and all of a sudden it all changed and the new standard is concave depth. The trend will keep evolving and yes, eventually the standard in wheel design will be something different.”

Other companies that manufacture deep concave designs include; Vossen, MRR, Roderick, Asanti and Axis among quite a few others.

So what do you think of this new trend in wheel design? Beautiful? Retchworthy? Let me know in the Forum!