Dealing with Hair Loss in Men

Avoiding Drugs, Rugs, Creams, or Schemes

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Dealing with hair loss in men, especially for younger guys, can be upsetting and will present some style challenges. Some men become depressed and anti-social as a result of losing their hair. As someone with a receding hairline and thinning crown, I can relate—although my receding mane isn't really a big concern for me. It's a fact of life and, as such, I'm not going to worry about it or break the bank trying to stop it. I've never been a big fan of drugs, rugs, creams, or schemes when it comes to fighting hair loss. I think a guy should let nature take its course and not worry about his fleeing follicles. Following are my five best tips for dealing with thinning hair—without drugs or surgery.

1) Accept That You're Losing It
According to a study, nearly half of all men are losing their hair (and half of those are under the age of 30), so you're not alone. Hair loss is not something you have much control over and people will not think less of you because of it. These days, there is not much of a negative stigma surrounding hair loss. In fact, many men are buzzing off their hair or shaving their heads entirely—even if they aren't losing it. Bald is completely fashionable these days.

2) Cut It Off
Taking your hair short on the sides and back is almost always the best way to minimize the appearance of thinning hair on top. Here's my rule of thumb: If you see scalp on top, take the sides short enough to reveal an equal amount of scalp. This will provide balance. Growing hair long only serves to highlight the fact that the top is thinning. Work with your barber or stylist to find a short style that suits you. Don't try to hide your baldness, accept and embrace it.

3) Grow A Beard
After you've gotten yourself a short, neat haircut, grow a little facial hair. A well-groomed beard or goatee will help draw the eye away from the top of your head back down towards your face.

4) Avoid heavy styling product.
Most gels and styling products cause the hair to separate (the strands stick together in groups) and reveal scalp. Use just a small amount of a very light product such as American Crew's Light Hold Texture Lotion to give control without a lot of separation. As an alternative, allow your hair to dry, style it as you like, and apply a light spritz of hair spray to hold the style.

5) Ditch the Drugs, Rugs, Creams, and Schemes
There are plenty of treatments for hair loss—drugs, creams, wigs, plugs, even lasers! The problem with most treatments for hair loss is that, for most men, they're not effective enough to produce dramatic results. In my experience, few of my clients who have tried various hair loss products really see significant and believable results. Save your money and use it for improving other areas that make you look and feel better—buy some snappy new clothes or join a gym.

Take a look around next time you're out with a group of guys. Notice how many of them are thinning on top? You see, you're not alone and there's nothing to be embarrassed or even concerned about. If you're worried about looking attractive, there are plenty of ways to offset a balding head. Following the tips above and maintaining a healthy body, stylish fashion, and a great attitude will make you far more attractive—and take the focus off that balding head.

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