Day to Night Outfits: 10 Ways to Dress Up Jeans

Go from daytime style to night out outfits out with less fuss

Street style fashion in dark skinny jeans
Dress up daytime jeans to wear after work with these fashion tips. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Unless you're a celebrity with a stylist on lock, you probably are challenged sometimes to rush from a busy day at work to after-hours activities, such as cocktails, dinners, without a whole lot of time (or help) to change up your look and create casual night out outfits.

For those times when you find yourself needing to transition from work to play, we've created this collection suite of chic, stylish day to night outfit ideas and ways to dress up jeans that will keep you looking fabulous around the clock. These are outfits you can wear to look polished at the office, or for busy weekend days, then add a few easy tweaks and be dressed for happy hour, a dinner party, date night and beyond.

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Work to Date Night Out Look

Day to night outfit idea with white jeans
Go from work to play in a snap with these fashion tricks. Ralph Lauren

Want to know how to take a jeans outfit from office appropriate, to looking cute enough for a glamorous evening date? We suggest you start with skinny white jeans. This is a great day to night outfit idea when you're going from work out to happy hour, or when you've got an evening meet-up planned with someone fascinating.

Daytime: Style white denim to look preppy-chic for work, by matching them with a classic oxford-style shirt. Quality, nude-tone leather accessories are great finishing touches for a polished, professional vibe.

Evening: Leave your serious side behind for a night out, when you switch your work shirt for a lacy black top, and swap serious accessories for those that bring a touch of drama into your outfit, as pictured here.

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Instant Day to Casual Evening Style

Day to night outfit in skinny jeans
Easily transform a casual look for evening with this style trick. River Island

Want a day to night outfit idea for transitioning a casual weekend daytime look into a party-ready outfit for the cocktail hour? Here's a super-easy way to do that, in about the same time as it takes to swipe on some red lipstick.

Daytime: For easy day-off style, you'll look effortlessly chic in a waterfall cardigan layered over a white tank top, worn with go-to skinny blue jeans.

Evening: You can instantly transform your look for nighttime by shedding your sweater, adding jewelry and switching your shoes for something a bit funkier. Easy peasy!

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Casual Weekend to Night Out Look

Day to night outfit with black jeans
Day to night outfit with black skinny jeans. Armani Jeans

Black skinny jeans are incredibly versatile, making them a must-have in your wardrobe. Here's how you can wear them for day and night for fall and winter. This is a great jeans outfit to wear on special occasion dates, such as your anniversary or New Year's Eve.

Daytime: You'll stay cute and cozy for colder weather in an easy outfit of a snug cable knit sweater, layered over body conscious black jeans. Carry a classic day bag and opt for wearable ankle boots, to take you through a day of running errands or walking through the woods.

Evening: When it's time to dress things up for the evening, switch out your separates and accessories. We'd pair black skinny jeans with a satiny top, sparkly accessories and sky-high heel shoes in feminine pastel tones, as seen here.

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Day to Night Coated Jeans

Day to night outfit idea with black coated jeans
Leather look coated jeans are a great foundation for day to night outfits. Miss Selfridge

Want to make over a chic, sophisticated street style outfit for daytime, to create a flirty, sexy evening outfit? Here's how you can pull off a day to night outfit transformation, with minimal effort, when you start with leather-look, coated black skinny jeans.

Daytime: Wear sleek coated jeans with a soft sweater and ladylike accessories for day, to look pulled together for a creative workplace, going out to lunch or shopping with girlfriends.

Evening: Make a smooth transition into the cocktail hour, by switching out your sweater for a sexier black top. A quilted black bag looks equally smart with both looks — just change your shoes and jewelry to add glamour as desired.

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Skinny Jeans for Work and Play

Day to night outfit idea with skinny jeans
Day to night outfit idea with skinny jeans. AG Jeans

Skinny jeans are probably already a go-to basic in your wardrobe. Here's how a well-fitting pair of dark wash, skinny jeans can take you from a day at the office, to a happy hour date or dinner with friends, with minimal fuss.

Daytime: Wear skinny jeans to the office by day, with a tailored black blazer, a chic quilted chain bag, simple earrings and classic black mid-heel pumps. This is an outfit that's appropriate for almost every workplace where jeans are allowed, and will have you looking professional and stylish for meetings, presentations and taking care of business.

Evening: When you're ready to head out after hours, you can transform your look easily into a cute evening outfit, by removing your blazer to reveal the pretty top you've been hiding all day. Swap your work shoes for something more glamorous, add a few accessories that pick up on the color of your top, and you're ready to hit the evening party circuit.

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Cold Weather Day to Night Outfit

Day to night outfit idea with white jeans
Chic, pretty day to night outfit idea with white jeans. G-Star

White jeans are versatile closet staple that can be worn fashionably in every season — yes, even the winter months. Here's a cool weather outfit with white jeans that works for day, and how to transition it into a cute evening look that you could wear easily to dinner, or out on a date when you want to feel pretty.

Daytime: You'll look polished for daytime in a clean, chic outfit of skinny white jeans and a camel sweater, worn with a leather tote and easy ankle boots.

Evening: Get ready to head out for evening, when you trade your pullover for a pretty sleeveless top with special details. Add a few accessories in the same color family as your top — bonus points if they add shine to your look, such as those pictured here.

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Casual Fridays to Cocktails

Day to night outfit with black skinny jeans
Tranform a casual jeans outfit for chic evening with simple changes. Cheap Monday

Here's a super easy way to take a casual Friday outfit for work, and dress it up for the cocktail hour and beyond.

Daytime: For daytime at the office, go for a minimalist chic look, in slim black denim jeans and a grey cashmere sweater layered over a simple white tank, accessorized with a classic black leather tote and pumps.

Evening: Take your polished basic look into evening territory by swapping the sweater for a white tuxedo style jacket, adding a higher heel, and switching your day bag for a glittery evening clutch. You could wear this after work outfit easily to cocktails with your crowd, or to dinner with your favorite beau.

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Day to Night in a Denim Skirt

Day to night outfit idea with a denim skirt
Day to night outfit idea with a denim skirt. River Island

Here's how to style a denim skirt for day to night wear, without needing to go through a full change at the end of the workday.

Daytime: Daytime polish is as easy as a sleek denim pencil skirt worn with a pussy bow blouse, a chunky watch, and high-quality leather accessories in a classic shape and neutral palette.

Evening: To take your outfit easily into the happy hour and beyond, slip into a silky, sleeveless top and swap your accessories for those featuring special details or materials that feel spot-on for evening, such as lacy ankle boots, a dainty clutch, and glimmering chandelier earrings.

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Office Outfit to Polished Evening

Day to night outfit with black skinny jeans
Dress up a work outfit for evening in a snap with these simple changes. Topshop

Sometimes, you know you'll need to get ready for an after-work night out in the time it takes everyone to grab their coats and bags. When you know in advance you'll be pressed for time — say when you're on a crunch time at work, but have dinner plans you don't want to (or can't) cancel — here's a super-easy formula for turning your office outfit into a polished evening look.

Daytime: You'll look chic and professional in outfit of slim black jeans and a tailored black blazer, worn with a silky blouse and classic, low heel black pumps.

Evening: When you're ready to switch gears for evening, simply shed your jacket, pull on a taller shoe, and add a couple of special accessories. A gleaming gold necklace, a pair of high heels and a bejeweled clutch bag will fit easily into a large satchel, so you can tote them to the office with you and make your last-minute superhero change there, before going out.

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Denim Dress

Day to night outfit with a denim dress
Stylish day to night outfit with a denim dress. Ulla Johnson

Don't put away that cute denim dress just because summer is over. You might be surprised, by the day to night outfit potential of this versatile closet piece, for transitional season dressing, Here's how you can style a denim dress in two different ways, to take it from easy daytime chic to an outfit that works for cocktails, dinner and other evening events.

Daytime: For effortless daytime chic, wear your denim dress simply with ankle boots and a basic leather tote.

Evening: To transform your outfit for wearing at night, simply layer a cool, biker style, black leather jacket on top of your dress to add instant edge. Sexy black accessories help to finish this now ready-for-evening look.

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