Dating Tips Based On the Zodiac

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What you choose to do for those first few dates can make or break the whole affair. It’s best to pick an activity that you genuinely enjoy doing and won’t push you beyond your comfort zone. But that doesn’t mean that an enchanted evening (or day) won’t take a memorable turn for the unexpected. Here are some dating ideas for each zodiac sign.


Impress Aries by finding out about an underground vaudeville spectacle or all-night dance party. Try to score front row seats or access to the V.I.P. section of an event, and watch them revel in their number one status. Bring them into a rarified and glamorous environment, like a film festival. The Aries shines among top-level people and would enjoy watching them test their mettle, and if possible, participating. This could be anything from a sporting event to a spoken word competition.


Think slow and easy with this one, perhaps suggesting a relaxed picnic lunch at the beach or park. They’re notable eaters from the down home type to the gourmand, so trying out several restaurants can keep you busy for a while. For extra points, cook up a full course meal at home and invite them over. A movie is nice because you don’t have the pressure to talk, but can still grow closer through the shared cinematic experience.


A chance to chat about everything under the Sun warms the Gemini heart. This can happen anywhere, but it helps if the setting is stimulating, as well. Keep it lively with a trip to a museum or dropping by to watch sidewalk artists and musicians. Any novel setting makes them feel a childlike sense of wonder, so why not take them to that restaurant with delicious, but rarely seen cuisine you’ve never heard of. For them, variety is the spice of life -- don’t be afraid to make an unusual request!


Here’s the chance to try that cozy little Italian place with the private tables and candles on every table. A calm atmosphere and their favorite comfort foods set the stage for romance. Try to avoid crowded concert events with them, as they’re easily overwhelmed by chaos and could retreat behind their shell. You’ll know things are going well when the Cancer finally invites you into the sanctity of their home, and that’s when you’ll begin to see their true self emerge.


A fine dining experience appeals to their refined tastes, but also to their affinity for being served. The trappings of romance are important, and they’ll smile on a date with flowers, chocolate or a bottle of wine in hand. Being on display lights them up, so dressing to the nines and stepping out is a dating event unto itself. Some cocktails, a little dinner, and dancing, a night cap – they're likely to appreciate timeless elegance over a more casual scenario.


Some wholesome Virgos would enjoy a yoga date followed by dinner at an organic café. Others might enjoy a ride through the countryside on a tandem bike, and a beer at the local micro-brewery. Many are drawn to cultural events, especially literary readings, but to anything except the truly lowbrow. You might suggest tackling a project together – this satisfies their need to work toward a practical goal. Add the right mood music and subtle flirtation, and washing the car becomes the ultimate prelude to romance.


You’ll get far by wining and dining the Libra in grand style. Even in the comfort of home, they’ll appreciate it if you bring out the best tablecloths and cloth napkins. Libra has an eye for beauty, and any kind of cultural event gives them a chance to show off their good taste. They’re excellent conversationalists, so be sure to plan time to “discuss” what you’ve viewed over a drink. But keep it clean and sophisticated – they may not want to stay long in your favorite smoke-filled dive bar. Many of them want to go where the beautiful people are to see and be seen.


The only thing predictable here is the Scorpio unpredictability. Listen to what drives their particular passions and make suggestions accordingly. They are avid competitors so if you’re up for it, why not suggest some one on one action in any sport or recreation. Active dates keep you from having to reveal too much too soon to the probing Scorpio mind. The pull toward the bedroom may be felt right away, but a varied first few dates give it a basis for so much more.


These globetrotters could appreciate a world music festival or one of those “Taste of the Nations” food extravaganzas. Throw a dinner party and invite your most culturally diverse friends so they’ll see how interesting you are. The active “Sadge” could go for an exercise date, such as a day trip of sightseeing on mountain bikes. All this is training for hiking in Nepal, skiing at Beech Mountain and those many triathlons that come later.


Suggested dating ideas for Capricorn are activities that are enriching in some way, and a good value for the money spent. You shouldn’t leave the restaurant, for example, thinking you’ve been over-billed -- impress them by looking at food reviews beforehand. It’s not always obvious that they’re having a good time, but one sign is if they begin talking in an animated way. They might appreciate events that provoke serious discussions such as a historic re-enactment or a sweeping epic drama.


It’s easier to get to know the Aquarius as part of a circle of friends. And date night may usually involve one or more other couples, for dinner or caravanning to a party. Try taking them to the local planetarium for the laser light show. They'd enjoy attending a benefit for a cause they believe in. An expo on futuristic gadgets could pique their interest. For dinner, try suggesting cuisine they’re not apt to eat every day.


They’ll be in their element by or on the water, so perhaps try a day trip along a scenic river, or an excursion to see the dolphins. Pisces is fascinated by the “otherworldly” and might enjoy stopping by the local metaphysical shop. They’re also drawn to art, music, and film, so try an evening of imaginative escape and entertainment. Getting to know them takes time, and you’ll get further in quiet environments where you can talk one on one.