Dating Someone In The Closet

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Hi Mona,  

I am 25 years old and I've met a 22-year-old boy. I have allowed myself to fall in love with him, but the problem is that he is not out in the open yet. He is my best friend, buddy, soul mate, and everything I could have asked for. But the problem is, he keeps on denying he is gay.  

He has moved in with me and we sleep together every night holding each other and no matter how hard it is for me, I refuse to have sex with him seeing that he has an girlfriend.  He keeps on telling me that I am the one; I just need to hang in there for him. Since I've been around, he and his girl have been on and off and as you can just imagine... she hates me. A big part of me just would like to end it, but a bigger part of me enjoys him next to me in bed. What do you suggest I do?   

Kind regards,