PSA: You Can Date If You're an Introvert, Here's How

Single Woman Looking Down
 Christian Vierig / Getty Images

Are you an introvert? Do you enjoy solitude and seek out opportunities to be by yourself? While some introverts are shy, timid, and have a fear of engaging with other people, there other types of introverts who simply feel exhausted and tired after having to make small talk or attend social gatherings. And if you consider yourself an introvert, dating can seem challenging, uncomfortable, or even overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are five key ways to make dating a lot easier and more enjoyable so that being an introvert doesn't prevent you from finding love. 

1. Think About What You Want in a Potential Partner

If you're an introvert, it's especially important to think about what you're looking for in a potential partner. Since you're not one to seek out social situations or networking opportunities, you should do yourself a favor by already knowing what type of girl or guy you're looking to meet and what values and characteristics are important to you. That way, you can date with intention and be more in touch with your own priorities. By already knowing your must-haves, you'll be better able to select the best dating app that aligns with your wants and needs, and the dates you do have will be with someone who fits what you're looking for in a mate and what's important to you. 

2. Set Limits to Prevent Yourself From Being Drained

When you're an introvert, it's also important to be able to set limits on the number of dates you have per week (or even per month).

If you overextend yourself and put yourself in more social situations than you're comfortable with, the dates you do have will be far less enjoyable and therefore less successful. However, if you maintain your schedule in a way that still lets you have nights in and plenty of time to yourself, then the dates you go on won't seem so tedious or draining.

3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone as Much as You Can

If you're an introvert who's truly interested in dating, you should do your best to push yourself a little bit more out of your comfort zone than you're used to doing. While this certainly doesn't mean you should put yourself in situations that are totally uncomfortable for you, such as becoming the life of the party, it does mean that you should make yourself more available when you go out. For instance, rather than always wearing headphones when you're shopping for groceries, why not take them out so that others can approach you? By setting small goals for yourself and trying your best to achieve them, you can make leaps in terms of opening yourself up to finding true love

4. Message and Talk to Dates Before Meeting Them

For those who consider themselves introverts, another way to make dating more user-friendly is to establish a rapport with a potential date before meeting him or her in person. Taking the time to get to know this person more before meeting him or her can be a great way to lessen the stress and anxiety of dating, especially if the thought of having to sit down with a stranger and make conversation sounds frightening or awful.

By taking the time to message back and forth or even talk to your date on the phone, your first face-to-face encounter won't seem so uncomfortable or stressful since you've already had some time to interact and learn more about each other. 

5. Represent Yourself as an Introvert

Another key step for introverts who are looking to date is to be true to themselves and let others know about their introverted tendencies. For instance, if you're filling out an online dating profile, you should represent yourself accurately and embrace the fact that you seek out opportunities to read in seclusion or enjoy moments of introspection and isolation. That way, the person who reads your profile and wants to date you will more likely be someone who shares these types of characteristics or wants to meet someone who has them.

But if you misrepresent yourself as an extrovert, you're misinforming others and making it more difficult for you to meet someone with whom you'll actually hit it off.