Key Dating Advice for Women

Woman on a date.
 Mihailomilovanovic/E+/Getty Images

Dating can be fun and exciting, but also a bit intimidating and daunting. You may be a person who likes going out and meeting different men of interest, or you may be more of an introvert who isn't really jazzed on the idea of putting yourself out there. But wherever you may fall on the dating spectrum, whether you don't mind going on dates or think that dating sucks, it's important to keep these five key tips in mind so that your dating life can be healthy, happy, and successful.

1. Lower the Pressure

One of the most important tips for women is to stop putting pressure on themselves to find someone as soon as possible. All too often, women mistakenly place an enormous weight on themselves because they're worried they won't meet anyone, are the last one of their friends to still be single, are fearful they're running out of time to have a family, or feel as though they're reaching an age where it's time to settle down. However, if you approach dating with this idea of a ticking clock, it's only going to make the process that much more stressful and unpleasant. It's time to turn down the pressure cooker and recognize that finding the right person can take time.

2. Date on Your Terms

An important lesson to take to heart is that women should opt to date in ways that are respectful to themselves and to their time. You certainly don't have to go out on a date every single night or even every month. If you're devoting all of your time and energy to dating rather than seeing friends and family, pursuing your passions, and taking time for self-care, then you're likely going to experience dating burnout. Be respectful of your own time and interests and date on your terms. That way, the dates you do have will be far more enjoyable and meaningful. Dating should be fun!

3. Embrace New Dating Methods

Women shouldn't be afraid to embrace new dating methods. There's no need to sign up for every dating app, but there is a need for you to be more open-minded and accept the new ways that people meet today. It's possible to meet someone at a bar, at the supermarket, or while you're waiting in line at a coffee shop, but what's the harm in upping your chances of meeting someone by joining a dating app, going speed dating, or going to a singles event? Putting yourself out there in different ways can make you a smarter dater as well as increase your chances of meeting someone truly special.

4. Have Reasonable Expectations

An additional key piece of advice is that women need to have realistic expectations about the people they date in general. For instance, if you only want a guy who's over six feet, is an impeccable dresser, owns a home, and drives a nice car, you're setting yourself up for failure. Rather than focusing on the superficial, you should think about what's actually important in a relationship, such as mutual respect and trust, and know your must-haves. If you want to meet a guy who shares your interests and values rather than meeting a man who owns a timeshare, you're more likely to find a meaningful relationship in the future.

5. Don't Settle

Women in the dating world should remember not to ever settle. While it's important for you to keep your expectations in check and not cling to the superficial, it definitely doesn't mean that you should choose to be with a man who doesn't meet your needs. You're certainly allowed to and encouraged to be selective, picky, and have realistic standards when it comes to finding a match. And if you're choosing to be with someone because you're worried that you'll never meet someone better, or you feel the clock is ticking, or you don't think that anyone else will like you one day, it's time to work on building your self-esteem and confidence. Settling for someone is never the answer. You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy, and the good news is that this guy is out there.