Dark Side of Sagittarius

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The smiley Archer's secret is that he's got a dark side, like everybody else.  But he might not cop to it, and that's where the negativity begins.

The Sagittarius guy or gal often has a self-image of being righteous, ethical and true.  And strangely, that belief can become rigid, and will be defended with forcefulness, if challenged. 

I know a Sagittarius gal that is a hardliner when it comes to the liberal script.  Any deviation from it is met with fierce resistance, and an inability to hear facts that go against what she believes is true.  

So it's a curious thing that while Sagittarius is the truth seeker of the Zodiac, many are loyally wed to their own current viewpoint.  It's an odd peculiarity for this mutable sign that they can be dogmatic.  And we see how rigid beliefs can become jails of the mind, and also used to shut down free speech.

Notably, Leon Trotsky coined the phrase political correctness, and while a Scorpio (November 7th), had Mercury in Sagittarius.  It was a term used to discern who was in sync with the bolshevik agenda and who was not.  And the grim reality is that those not of the right mindset were often put to death -- the ultimate tyranny of belief.   

As I write, Saturn is in Sagittarius (2014 to 2017)and we see extremes of dogma playing out, with true believers on all sides cementing their position.  I've seen a lot of astrology, especially when history is framed, that's clearly from an unwavering ideological angle.  And with it comes self-righteous judgment, and some day some of them may have to eat their words!        

A shadow Sagittarius sees things in stark either or terms, and condemns those who they see as unethical.  History is full of cautionary tales about the disastrous rise of rigid ideologies.

Righteous and Always Right

A negative Sagittarius is touchy about criticism, making it hard for colleagues or supervisors to deal with them.  They react fiercely if their actions are judged to be wrong.

Sagittarians are very physical and can put a lot of vitality into the argument.  They'll jump around, gesticulate, show data, act out a situation or vent about the imbeciles in their midst.

This is hard on others, as the Archer doesn't let go easily, and will have a running commentary that leads back to their point.  They can be relentless in their push to prove they are right. 

Paradoxically, they hate it when people judge them or make assumptions about who they are.  It can be exhausting to those they love, because they're not about making peace, but about being vindicated.  This can alienate others to the point that they lose friends.

Death-Defying Risks

I know a Sagittarius guy whose life took a tragic turn when he robbed a bank, because, as he said later, he wanted to quickly pay off a loan.  He took the risk for a financial short cut, and ended up running for his life in a dramatic police chase. 

Looking back, there were other times when he took physical risks, like leaping out of my husband's boat, and grabbing for a bar as they went under a bridge.  That dare-devilish act worked out, but his more recent folly landed him in the slammer. 

What makes it an utter bummer is that he had it all -- looks, charm, athletic strength and endurance, and smarts too.  The chicks dug him big time.  But in these risks, we see how he flirted with danger, and paid a heavy price. 

The Archer loves thrills and sometimes that leads to spills.  They can be seduced by the idea of a sudden flash of fortune.  But this can become self-destructive, when the stakes are high.  It's a sign ruled by Jupiter, and this hints at the impulse to go big, and sometimes go too far.

The Show Me State

Sagittarius is a fire sign with a lot of energy -- too much for some.  But the lively Sagittarius also needs to be around those that can handle it.  

They have showy personalities and use their outside voices most of the time.  Like any trait, it can be overdone, and become exhausting to those around them.  

Ultimately, the Archer is a freedom lover, who gets irked at intrusions into his private business.  That's why visits with family at the holidays may be short and sweet.      

Sagittarius Has a Dark Side? 

Yes, he's the boy or girl that never joins the real world.  And that resistance to becoming shackled to adult cares keeps him young in spirit. 

But a dark sided Sagittarius runs from his responsibilities, and lets others clean up the mess.  He writes bad checks, eats your food and sleeps on your couch.  The next week he shows up with what he owes plus interest and Chinese take-out, but you're wary -- what next? 

Sagittarius can be the charmer that leaves a trail of scorched hearts.  

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