The Dark Side of Leo

Stars in the night sky making up the Leo astrological sign
da-kuk/Getty Images

Looking at the Leo dark side, there are two angles. There's Leo in dark moods when they feel burned-out, brittle, and a terminal sense of ennui.  

The literal symbol of the Sun (Leo's planetary ruler) spells out the flip side—the dark. The dark feels as though the Sun has been rubbed out of the sky. A Leo can brood in these places longer than perhaps necessary, this intense feeling can be misconstrued as drama.  And what causes the dark mood? Betrayal is big. And being mocked.

Rogue Leo

Then there's the Leo dark side that others have to deal with. Some of those traits have to do with an overblown sense of self.  Leo says, "Who do you think you're dealing with?" 

That's when you see (Sun) Leo acting high and mighty, and belittling those they see as beneath them.  This is the patron who sends back her latte a few times for being not quite hot enough.   

This is the boss who takes credit for everything the staff does and is in constant self-promotion mode.  At the same time, they try to knock up and comes down a peg.  

Leos are known to be generous, but they're also very competitive. A dark side Leo trait is schadenfreude —smiling inside when others are down on their luck. It's worse when they act like they're sorry, and it's over-the-top insincere. 

Leos throw temper tantrums, especially if they feel dissed. If you've fallen out of favor with a Leo, by insulting them in some way, it's often a permanent banishment type scenario. 

Pride Before a Fall

The Lion is proud, so a dark side trait takes that to the extreme—arrogance, vanity, self-absorption.  A dark behavior then is not being able to cop to mistakes and adjust the course, even if it's doomed.

According to the popular proverb:  Pride goeth before destruction, and a (sic) haughty spirit before a fall. From the Bible, Proverbs 16:18 (King James Version)

What does it mean?  It's when you hold to something, like an idea or goal, out of stubborn pride. You don't want to admit that others are right, or that you've created a mess.

Leo is a fixed sign, that holds the course, and this makes them high-achievers. But Leos are often also accused of having little self-reflection. That's what leads to high stakes situations, where Leos are in leadership roles, and pushing their agenda.

The confident Leo that's also got a dash of humility, gets farther and has more friends.

Leo's Long Shadow

Leos are sunshiney personalities, usually.  But if Leo deals with demons, he or she could be the kind that always needs to stand in the light. This puts everyone else, even their children, in their shadow.

Leo usually experiences their offspring as their pride and joy, and Leo is associated with children. But an out-there Leo could be relentlessly "on" and without meaning to, steal the show, especially if the kids are introverts.  

The same can happen at work, with colleagues, with a constant need for attention. If it's relentless, it can be wearing and also color the atmosphere. 


Leo is a fire sign, with a lot of natural enthusiasm. But fire signs can burn out, and become brittle, feeling spread thin and unmotivated. 

If Leo feels uninspired, that's a sign that her heart's not in it. She can become depressed having to go through the motions.  A remedy is to acknowledge it and open to listening to the heart.

Leo can become emotionally parched if there's nobody making them feel special. That's when self-love comes to the rescue, to do what will quench the thirst, and at the same time, stoke the fires of passion again.

The Conscious Leo

A conscious Leo will not abuse power but will want to share this so others will also benefit.  Leo is a straight shooter, and to others, this may come across as arrogance, but this sign is a natural leader.

If others smirk or snigger or undermine, perhaps out of intimidation even of the Lion's ways, this cuts to the natural pride of the Lion. A less gracious and evolved Leo will turn and snap and bite and say something to reduce that person, as she feels betrayed and misunderstood. It's a catch-22, really.

The natural presence of a Leo, ruled by the Sun, is stately.  Leos think, "I can come across as bossy to others who do not understand my ways." If you choose to publicly undermine a Leo, prepare for some response. It will not be pleasant., However, a Leo will be a loyal and loving friend if you have the courage to walk alongside.