Danielle Amiee: Photo Gallery of 'Big Break' Golfer

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Out of Sight

Danielle Amiee
Golf Channel

Golfer Danielle Amiee was a contestant on the third season of ​"The Big Break" series on Golf Channel. That that season was called ... well ... ​"Big Break III."

Amiee was 28 years old at the time she appeared on the show. She proved one of the more divisive cast members in show history, certainly the most controversial to that point in the series.

Over the next several pages, we'll view more photos of Amiee and look back on her "Big Break III" performance, and what happened to her next.

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Wearing Red

Danielle Amiee of Big Break III
Golf Channel

What made golfer Danielle Amiee a polarizing figure on Big Break III? She had a certain look and a certain way of presenting herself that just rubbed some people (including castmates) the wrong way. But Amiee had plenty of fans, too, including a large contingent of admiring male viewers.

In 2005, Amiee talked about her negative portrayal on the series in an interview that appeared on the website of the tour then known as the Futures Tour, saying:

"I was misunderstood from the start. I'm comfortable in my own skin, but I think some people thought I was picked because of hormonal needs - that I was this little Barbie-style golfer. If I had gotten kicked off the show early, it would have been like 'See, we told you she doesn't belong.' A lot of people didn't want to give me a chance. "How did I draw the shortest straw to become the villain? The editing made me look so cocky. It was disturbing, but it was good drama."
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And the 'Big Break III' Winner Is ...

Danielle Amiee of The Big Break
Golf Channel

Golf Channel got lucky with the most attention-grabbing golfer on "Big Break III," Danielle Amiee, made it all the way to the championship match. Amiee faced Pamela Crikelair in the final. And the winner was ...

Amiee was the champion of "Big Break III." She won the championship match 2-and-1 over Crikelair.

Prior to appearing on "Big Break," Amiee played close to 30 Futures Tour events; and before that, her amateur career included 22 collegiate tournaments for Long Beach State (where she played as Danielle Skinner). Her scoring average was 87 and 83 in two years at LBSU.

Amiee turned pro in 1999 and joined the Futures Tour in 2000. She played 14 events in 2000 and 11 in 2001. She was off the tour in 2002 and 2003, played two events in 2004, and has not played any since.

In 14 Futures Tour events in 2000, Amiee made four cuts with a scoring average of 78.38. Her low round was 73. In 11 events in 2001, she again made four cuts, with a scoring average of 76.73. Her low round was 71.

The two Futures Tour events Amiee played in 2004 produced two missed cuts.

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Danielle Amiee's LPGA Tour Exemption

Danielle Amiee of Big Break III
Golf Channel

As the winner of "Big Break III," Danielle Amiee received an exemption to play in the 2005 LPGA Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill.

Amiee shot 79 in the first round​ and added a 77 in the second round. She missed the cut.

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Danielle Amiee After 'The Big Break'

2005 Michelob Ultra Open
Scott Halleran / Getty Images

As noted on the previous page, Danielle Amiee shot 14-over par at the 2005 LPGA Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill, which she got into by virtue of winning  "Big Break III."​

Amiee also received an exemption into a second LPGA tournament that year by virtue of winning BB3. She was supposed to play the Corning Classic, but withdrew, citing a bad back.

And that's pretty much the last anyone heard of Danielle Amiee, at least as a golfer. She chose to disappear after that, withdrawing from the game - at least as a competitor in pro tournaments.

The reasons are unclear. Most Big Break winners (and quite a few losers) have tried to milk their television appearances for as long as possible. Amiee chose another path: to move on with her life completely outside the spotlight.