Dance Team Tryout Tips

Children waiting to Audition For The American School Of Ballet In New York City.
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Are dance team tryouts in your near future? If you're thinking of trying out for a dance team, you've probably been practicing for some time. The following tips will help you give it your best shot when the big day finally arrives...get ready to make your dance team tryout really shine!

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Get to know all about the dance team you are trying out for. You'll do your best at tryouts if you know exactly what is expected of you, so do a little research. Find out about the team's dancer requirements, including costs and fees, grades and weight limits, if any.

To help you prepare, find out all you can about tryout day, including the schedule of events. Ask about team skill requirements, including various moves or techniques that you will be expected to execute. For example, some dance teams require dancers to have their splits. Knowing in advance will give you ample time to perfect your skills.

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Dress Appropriately

Most dance teams have dress code requirements for tryouts. You'll want to make a great first impression, so dress exactly how they ask you to. If the team doesn't tell you what to wear for tryouts, wear black stretch pants and a tank top.

Wear your hair neatly and pulled away from your face. Don't wear any jewelry, and keep makeup to a minimum. You don't want to wear anything that will distract the judges from your dancing.

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Be On Time

Never be late to a dance team tryout. Judges will be watching to see who follows rules. Arrive a few minutes early and start warming up on your own. Show the judges that you are punctual and eager to start your audition. 

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Don't let your nerves show on your face. Personality is a big part of team dancing, so make sure you don't hide yours from the judges. Hold your head up at all times and keep a pleasant look on your face.

During the actual tryout, hold your head up high and smile. Let the judges know how much you love to dance, and how excited you are to be auditioning for a spot on the team.

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Do Your Best

Remember all the practicing you did before tryouts? Now is the time to put it all to good use. Tryouts are the time to really shine and stand out. Don't hold back...make the most of every move to really make an impression on the judges.

If you make a mistake, keep smiling and don't stop dancing. Judges expect you to be nervous. Act confident and pick up where you can. Show the judges that you are capable of keeping your cool, even if you are under pressure.