A Guide to Buying Gifts for Dancers

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Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves to dance? Whether the dancer is a professional or a beginner, a gift related to dance is always a winner. This gift guide will help you find the perfect gift for your favorite dancer. Whether you're shopping for Christmas or another special occasion, these gifts will surely bring whirls and twirls of smiles.

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Dance Warm-Ups

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Cold weather presents certain challenges for dancers who normally wear little more than a leotard and a pair of tights. When we become chilled, our muscles tighten to help our bodies warm up. A dancer must properly warm up her muscles before dancing in order to avoid injury.

The key to keeping the body warm and ready for dancing is layering. Your dancer will appreciate the following items for keeping his or her body warm:

  • Leg warmers: Much like sweaters for the legs, leg warmers are coverings worn on the legs to keep them warm. Look for leg warmers in fun colors and various lengths.
  • Arm warmers: Even though some dancers wear leg warmers on their arms, some arm warmers are made with built-in gloves to warm up the fingers.
  • Shrugs: Besides looking fashionable, shrugs are great for warming up the upper body. Shrugs are short sweaters with either short or long sleeves.
  • Sweat suits: A cute sweat suit is a must for dancers who live in colder climates. Matching pants and jackets look stylish and are easily slipped on over a leotard.
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"Pamper Your Feet" Kit

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Most dancers suffer from tired, achy feet on a regular basis. It is simple to put together a "Pamper Your Feet" kit. Bundle a few of the following items in a small basket and tie a bow on the handle.

  • Foot bath: A luxurious soak in a warm foot bath/foot spa helps relieve aches and pains. Look for a foot bath with massaging gel pads and heat control.
  • Foot towel: Pick out a pretty towel for drying the feet after an invigorating soak. A large hand towel or small bath towel is an ideal size. Go a step further and have it monogrammed for a personalized gift for a dancer.
  • Epsom salts: Soaking the feet in Epsom salts soothes aches, removes odors and softens rough skin.
  • Pumice stone: A pumice stone helps to smooth rough spots on the feet, and reduces corns and calluses.
  • Grooming kit: A must-have item of every pointe ballet dancer is a small grooming kit that includes a pair of clippers for toenails and a file.
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Dance Jewelry

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Whether she's performing or training, dance jewelry can add a touch of sparkle to any dancer. Look for simple rhinestone earrings, bracelets, charms, and pins. Many online dancewear companies offer sterling silver charms for ballet, tap, jazz, and other styles. Charms can be worn on chains or bracelets or hung on dance bags.

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Dance Movies

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Dance movies are fun to watch and can be a source of inspiration for dancers. The following dance movies would make excellent additions to a dancer's DVD collection:

  • Center Stage
  • Step Up
  • Shall We Dance
  • Dance With Me
  • Save the Last Dance
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Mad Hot Ballroom
  • Saturday Night Fever
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Books About Dance

Russian Ballet Book

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Even if your dancer is not an avid reader, he or she will appreciate the gift of a few good books to learn more about dance styles, dance history and dance theory.

Check your local bookstore for quality books of various dance genres including ballet, jazz, tap and modern. From technical ballet dictionaries and picture books to biographies of famous choreographers, dancers of all ages will be thrilled with the chance to broaden their horizons with a great dance book. Just for fun, throw a cute dance-themed bookmark between the pages.