Dan Marticio


  • Expertise in personal and business loans, as well as investing
  • BA in English from California State University, Fullerton


Dan Marticio has made his mark over the past three years as a respected expert on loans, investing, and small business. Dan's vast subject knowledge about lending and investing has earned him bylines on well-known personal finance and lending sites, including The Balance, LendingTree, ValuePenguin, Fundera, and NerdWallet. Not only is he a trusted resource for brick-and-mortar small business advice and reviews, but he's also contributed numerous articles focused on starting and maintaining a freelance writing career.

A Message from Dan Marticio

Dan Marticio is a trusted personal and business finance writer whose articles and reviews about loans, investing, and small business have appeared on top financial sites including The Balance, LendingTree, ValuePenguin, Fundera, and NerdWallet.

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