D'amour l'ardente flamme Lyrics

Marguerite's Aria from Berlioz' Opera, La Damnation de Faust

Maria Callas, soprano
Maria Callas, soprano, is a notable Marguerite in Berlioz’ opera, La Damnation de Faust. Keystone/Stringer/Getty Images

Hector Berlioz' opera, La damnation de Faust, based on Goethe's dramatic poem, Faust, is rarely staged as an opera. In fact, it was composed as a quasi oratorio. Berlioz would have liked for the work to be staged, but the technology of the time was unable to deliver and fulfill Berlioz' vision. However, since its creation, the work has enjoyed great success due to its many concert performances. In this particular aria, Marguerite, who has been seduced by Faust, sings in the forth act after Faust has abandoned her, that loves amorous flame still burns intensely within her heart. She longingly waits for his return.

“D'amour l'ardente flamme " French Lyrics

D'amour l'ardente flamme,
Consume mes beaux jours.
Ah! la paix de mon âme
A donc fui pour toujours!
Son départ, son absence
Sont pour moi le cercueil,
Et loin de sa présence,
Tout me paraît en deuil.
Alors ma pauvre tête
Se dérange bientôt,
Mon faible cœur s'arrête,
Puis se glace aussitôt.
Sa marche que j'admire,
Son port si gracieux,
Sa bouche au doux sourire,
Le charme de ses yeux,
Sa voix enchanteresse,
Dont il sait m'embrâser,
De sa main, la caresse,
Hélas! et son baiser,
D'une amoureuse flamme,
Consument mes beux jours!
Ah! le paix de mon âme
A donc fui pour toujours!
Je suis à ma fenêtre,
Ou dehors, tout le jour -
C'est pour le voir paraître,
Ou hâter son retour.
Mon cœur bat et se presse
Dès qu'il le sent venir,
Au gré de ma tendresse,
Puis-je le retenir!
O caresses de flamme!
Que je voudrais un jour
Voir s'exhaler mon âme
Dans ses baisers d'amour!

“D’amour l'ardente flamme " English Translation

Loves fiery flame,
Consumes my beautiful days.
Ah! The peace of my soul
has fled forever!
His departure, his absence
Is the death of me,
And away from his presence,
Everything seems in mourning.
So my poor head
is soon driven mad,
My weak heart stops
Then ices over immediately.
I admire his strong gait,
Its carriage so graceful,
His mouth's sweet smile
The charm of his eyes,
His enchanting voice,
He sets me ablaze,
His hand, caress,
Alas! His kiss
Of one amorous flame
consumes my days!
Ah! The peace of my soul
has fled forever!
I am at my window,
where outside, all day -
This is the view I wish to see him appear,
Or hasten his return.
My heart beats and presses
Whenever I feel he is coming.
According to my affection
I will always remember him!
O the flame caresses!
I would one day
See my soul exhale
In his kisses of love!