Dallas Texas for Lesbians - A Lesbian Visitor's Guide to Dallas Texas

Where The Lesbians Are in Dallas

JR's Bar and Grill, Dallas TX
JR's Bar and Grill, Dallas TX. © Dallas Tourism Bureau

Even though it’s deep in the heart of Republican country, Dallas has a thriving gay scene with its own community newspaper (The Dallas Voice), gayborhood (Oak Lawn) and LGBT community center (named rather discreetly The Resource Center of Dallas). It might not have quite the nightlife of coastal gay meccas like San Francisco or New York City, but on the plus side, people are generally way friendlier, clubs much more casual and drinks half the price. If you’re planning a visit, here are some places to check out:

Sue Ellen’s


Cosmic Café

The Cross Bar

The Women’s Museum

J.R.’s Bar and Grill

Another mostly male but friendly mixed spot in the Oak Lawn district, J.R.’s serves great food, drinks and yes, Jello shots. They’re open during the day for lunch and have wireless access. At night, it’s packed with a 20-30-something crowd dancing to rock and Top 40. They also have a second floor balcony that overlooking the street.

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