D.C. al fine Italian Musical Command

Use of Da Capo al fine prevents the need to write out extra measures


D.C. al fine, or da capo al fine, means “from the head [beginning] to the end.” D.C. al fine is an indication to repeat from the beginning of the music, and continue until you reach the final barline or a double-barline marked with the word fine.

Also Known As:

  • du début jusqu’à la fin (Fr)
  • vom Anfang bis zum Ende (Ger)

Pronunciation: dah cah'-poh al fee'-nay

More Italian Music Symbols to Know:

▪ marcato:  informally referred to as simply an “accent,” a marcato makes a note slightly more pronounced than surrounding notes.

▪ legato or slur:  connects two or more different notes. In piano music, the individual notes must be struck, but there should be no audible spaces between them.

▪  dal niente: "from nothing"; to gradually bring notes out of complete silence, or a crescendo that rises slowly from nowhere.

▪  decrescendo: to gradually decrease the volume of the music. A decrescendo is seen in sheet music as a narrowing angle, and is often marked decresc.

▪  delicato: “delicately”; to play with a light touch and an airy feel.

▪  dolcissimo: very sweetly; to play in a particularly delicate manner. Dolcissimo is a superlative of "dolce."