27 Customer Service Memes to Help You Laugh Through Your Retail Rage

No, Sir. The Customer Is NOT Always Right.

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Ah, customer service. It's a concept that we all enjoy when we're on the receiving end, but when it's time for us to put on our happy faces and take care of the needs of others it's a whole different story. Whether you're working in retail, food services, or some other form of client services, you'll recognize the sentiments expressed in the costumer service memes below. From bizarrely-entitled patrons who think they're always right to blatantly rude and obnoxious customers who look down on you as if you're beneath them, people who work in customer service routinely see the worst that humanity has to offer.

"Heeeeere's Johnny!"

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"Yes, the doors are locked and we're frantically trying to finish up so we can go home, but by all means come on in and start browsing. Now's a great time for a complicated return, too! Don't worry; we don't have a social life so it's all cool."

Gotta Love Those Corporate Mix Tapes

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You know how sick you get of the same 10 holiday songs over and over? That's what it's like to work in a retail chain every day of the year. After a while you start to twitch when certain pop stars come on the radio.

Christmas Is Not So Holly Jolly When You Work in Retail

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Spending the holidays in retail will change you, and not necessarily for the better. Funny how some people take advantage of this time of joy and appreciation to show their worst side to employees in the retail business.

Did I Stutter?

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"Oh, of course. I just didn't mention those other times before."

Retail or Restaurant Server

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Either one can make you hate humanity.


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Do I want to be happy now or two weeks from now when I get my paycheck? Duh, bye!

That's Really All We Ever Asked For

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As much as we love chatting, what can we do to make this conversation go away?

It's Only Twice as Many

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"We'll just pull some chairs up!"

I'd Love to Stay and Watch You Shop

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I live for it, Barbara! Go ahead, try it on, order a complicated cappuccino! I'll wait!

Been Wearing Them for Weeks

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But nah, I don't even like them.

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

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Good thing your behavior reflects on you, not me.

Aw, That's a Shame

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Best. Feeling. Ever.

You Need MY Help?

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But I'm just a lowly servant who doesn't even deserve a hello!

Yay, You're Here!

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The second my misery ends, yours begins.

Who, Me?

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No, I just enjoy wearing this shirt with the store's logo on it.

We Need You to Work a Double

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There's no sick time in customer service! Get in here and infect the entire place or you're fired.

Only Every Day of My Life

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I don't need to know about your grandson's sister's college roommate's computer troubles, but thanks anyway.

Take Your Time

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I get paid by the hour, so it's cool. It's all cool. Don't mind all those people waiting in line behind you!

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

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If looks could kill, you'd be a pile of dust on the floor.

Time to Get Home

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I need to let my inner demon out to get some air.

It's My Favorite Thing Ever!

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Be sure to really give me a hard time because I definitely don't get paid enough for this. And go ahead and kill the messenger while you're at it!

I'll Get Right on It

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I'm busier than a one-armed paper-hanger, but yeah—whatever you need!

I Am Invisible

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I'll just wait right here while you browse. Don't mind me.

But Otherwise I'm Great

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You try standing on your feet for 9 hours while simultaneously maintaining a cheerful demeanor. It's hard!

Must Be That 'New Math'

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What am I, a super computer? That's what calculators are for!

Only on My Lunch Break

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Crying is healthy for you, isn't it? ISN'T IT?

I Will Murder You in Your Sleep

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No, it's fine. Really I'm FINE.

See, the customer is definitely not always right. Sometimes, they're so wrong it ought to be illegal. Thankfully we've got funny memes to comfort us and remind us we're not alone!