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The Coolest Custom Vans Shoes

Check out the coolest selection of custom painted Vans Shoes! Click on images to see them in larger sizes. To learn how to customize sneakers, go here.

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Hard Knocks Wolf by Louie Gong

Louie Gong discovered the power of art to express ideas when he effectively used crude but well placed graffiti as a tool for wooing a girl. From that point forward, he started seeing the world in crescents, ovals, and sleek formlines. In 2009 he found his groove as an artist when – on a whim – he took a sharpie to a pair of Vans. The resulting merger of Coast Salish art and a pop culture icon like Vans was the perfect statement to represent his complex cultural identity. Check out the personal website of artist, speaker and educator Louie Gong here:

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Michael Jackson Vans by Matt Cory Anderson

One of the best illustrators to hit the sneaker scene is Matt Cory Anderson. The level of detail of his drawings on sneaker canvas is phenomenal. Enlarge this photo to see Michael Jackson. To check out some of his other shoes, go here:

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Zombie Vans by Mburk

CHOOSE YOUR SHOES is Michael Burk, a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Each pair of his custom creations is weatherproof and completely one-of-a-kind. Here he features his infamous Zombie Vans. If you like them, hit up the artist or check out his website for more of his custom kicks here:

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“Bite Me” Custom Vans by YoaKustoms

Known for her bold colorways, unique artwork and crazy attention to detail, Amanda Yoakum designs each pair of custom kicks with one of a kind hand-painted magic.

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Monsters & Ice Cream by Tony Price

Tony Price prefers working on canvas Vans. Each pair is hand-painted using fabric and paint markers in combination with Sharpies and a ball point pen. If you are interested in ordering some, check out his Etsy storefront at Currently, custom shoes are $200 USD, with $15 shipping in the United States. Shipping costs outside the U.S. will vary. You can also contact the artist here:

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Purple Diamond Hunter Classic by SLOTH

SLOTH is a lifestyle creative brand that was started in 2007 with the drive to inspire people to follow their passion in life. Check out the artist's web site for more information here:

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Illustrated Vans by Ronald Carrillo

Hailing from Spain, Ronald Carrillo paints magic on this cool tattoo-inspired Vans. You can check out more of his work on sneakers here:

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Star Wars Vans by RyTee

The design on the shoes were inspired by "Star Wars" All of these shoes were custom designs and are just an example of what can be done with the shoes. The exact shoes above are not for sale, but can be recreated if you would like a similar pair. All canvas shoes are hand painted using Angelus brand acrylic leather paint. Angelus paint is designed for use on sneakers, and will not peel, crack, or rub off. The shoes are finished with Angelus matte finisher for extra protection against water and dirt. Also check out these custom-painted Toms by another artist here.

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Fight Club Vans by Shed Designs

Cameron, along with his close friends Mac Gardiner and Tia Addison, have created the company Shed Designs as a platform to sell their custom designed sneakers, hats, skateboards and longboards. For more information and to purchase products from Shed Designs, visit

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ET Vans by Shauna Mae Luedtke

Featured on the Ellen Show, Shauna Mae Luedtke is the creator & sneaker artist behind Slip-Offs. She works full-time as a graphic designer and paints Vans and Toms shoes on the side, after hours. To email the artist with any questions: