Where to Create Custom Shoes

Suit Your Style or Your Needs with Custom Shoes

Shoemaker holding new shoe
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Custom shoes are hot. Whether you need custom shoes due to some sort of foot problem, or you just like the idea of your footwear being different from the "off the rack" styles, you'll be happy to know that custom footwear is hot.

Below you'll find several resources for custom shoes from personalized baby shoes to shoes built to fit your feet and everything in between.

Custom Fit Shoes and Orthotics for People with Foot Problems

While customized shoes are a nice luxury for some people, for others they are a necessity. Whether you have a foot condition, need additional support or have feet of different sizes, the following sources can help to make custom shoes specifically for your feet.

Customized Brand-Name Shoes

Lots of big names are jumping on the custom shoe bandwagon. Among them are names like Nike, Converse, and Vans. Here are a few brands that will allow you to select custom materials, colors and detailing for your unique shoes.

Design Your Own Shoes

While the places above allow you to customize certain details about your shoes, what if you could actually design your fantasy footwear and have it made for you? While it's not a cheap prospect, and you'll need to make an appointment, the salons and shoemakers below will allow you to do just that.

Custom High Heels and Women's Dress Shoes

For a while, it seemed as if shoe customization was going to only be available to those looking for sneakers or athletic shoes, or for those who really needed practical shoes to accommodate for some type of foot problem or orthotic device. But there are also some companies that allow customers to customize women's shoe styles, especially high heels and dress shoes.

Hand-Painted and Embellished Shoes

If you don't have the funds or the inclination to have a pair of shoes custom-designed for you, there are still plenty of opportunities to find one-of-a-kind footwear. Some of the following options even allow you to send them the shoes you'd like painted or customized.

Custom and Personalized Baby Shoes

These custom and personalized shoes for infants will probably be appreciated more by the parents than the babies — and they make great shower gifts.

Make Your Own Shoes

For the ultimate in custom shoes, you could always try your hand at making a pair of shoes yourself. The following articles offer several options, ranging from weekend workshops to degree programs in shoe design.