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Donnell Turner
Donnell Turner, new to General Hospital. ABC, Inc.

Curtis Ashford aka Gooden

Curtis, a private investigator, arrived in Port Charles in November 2015 at the behest of Hayden Barnes, to gather evidence as to who shot her. He called himself Curtis Gooden.

The first thing on Curtis' agenda is blackmail. He wanted money from Hayden, or else he threatened to tell Nikolas everything. Since Hayden was and still is hiding so much, she didn't have much choice. She agreed to meet with him and pay him in exchange for information..

Next on Curtis' agenda was Jordan Ashford. He went to see her and demanded to meet his nephew T.J. Turns out, he's her ex-husband's brother. Jordan ordered him to leave town. As if he'd listen.

T.J. ran into his uncle and mother at the MetroCourt restaurant and the two Ashford men met.

Curtis and Valerie found a mutual attraction when they met at the Floating Rib, and she beat him at pool.  When Jordan found out, she was furious, afraid that he would hurt Valerie. She felt that the young woman had been hurt enough already due to her relationship with Dante. Curtis assured her that he wouldn't hurt her the way Jordan hurt both her husband Thomas and Shawn.

When she saw an opportunity, Jordan yanked Valerie aside and warned her to avoid involvement with Curtis because of his coke habit. Valerie confronted him, and he admitted that yes, he did once have a problem, but no longer.

We don't know what Curtis has on Jordan, and he must have done something besides snort crack. He is anxious that no one know of his past. 

About Donnell Turner

The actor who plays Curtis, Donnell Turner, is a native of Tacoma, Washington. At 6'2, he excelled in basketball. In fact, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of both participating in sports and acting. He became a semi-pro point guard, but soon realized that his passion lay in show business.

"Before I moved to LA," he tells James Lott, Jr. of the popular show Black Hollywood Live"my mentor, a very wise man said, 'Why are you moving to Los Angeles? People move there for one of two reasons - fortune or fame.'

"Well, I never wanted to be the most popular kid, and money isn't a driving motivation. I was just about to say "the art," when he stopped me and said, 'and don't give me that because if that were true you'd stay here and do local theater. What makes you different from all of the other thousands of people who want to do this?'

"The only thing I could think of was, "I'm me, I believe in me,' but I've never lost that question. That motivated me. What makes you different? And I was fortunate to have great role models; my brother was successful as a singer (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels), and I saw my mother overcome a lot." 

Turner admits that when he first started acting, he had some snobbery about doing commercials. That soon changed. "Then you see how hard it is to get on, when you see the competition. It's exposure, money in your pocket, and it can be a step."

His face indeed was his fortune, as he became a print model and commercial performer worldwide for Nike, Pepsi, Hilton, Disney, AT&T, Coke, Coors, Ponds, Infinity, and Mercedes Benz C-Class, over one hundred commercials in all.. 

At the start of his acting career, Turner played "Handsome Man," "Waiter," "Bouncer," and gradually moved into larger roles.  He has appeared on 90210, Baby Daddy, CSI, Revenge, Stitchers, Rizzoli & Isles, and two films, The Choir Director, and A Million Happy Nows.

He additionally played lead and supporting roles in smaller films, which gave him exposure at the Rochester Film Festival and the Houston Film Festival: Baseball's Last Hero, Time in Between, A Worthy Gentleman, Alternative, and A Fish Needs a Bicycle.

General Hospital

The only soap opera that Turner had ever watched was GH, and now he's on it!.

"I believe a lot of me is in Curtis," he says.  I feel like the heart of Curtis is consistent with mine. No matter what boundaries he may cross, he has a good's not who I become because I'm playing Curtis, it's who Curtis is because I'm playing him."

There is no need for actors to turn up their noses at soaps. "For me," he explains, "it's like theater. I have a chance to work everyday at my craft. I like where I am right now, and wherever this road takes me."

Off the Set

Martial arts is Turner's favorite form of fitness. "It's been part of my life, one way or the other," he says. He started at age 10, and at age 11, he took part in a tournament. In the end, it was between a black belt and Turner, a yellow belt in Taekwando.

"It was a draw," he says. "So I knew I might have a future in it." Martial arts has given him confidence and discipline in his acting career. "Acting - you may fall on your face, you may be embarrassed, but you'll never be kicked in the face," he says regarding the strength he derives from the sport. 

He also loves and is active in: Knife combat, nunchaku, yoga, kickboxing, and firearms 9mm training. He believes that everyone should shoot a gun at least once. "Once you feel the power of a gun, you may think twice about using it," he says. 

When he's not acting or working out, Turner gives motivational speeches around the country to high school, college, religious, and professional association audiences. He has a "Tuneround Project," which is a mentoring program that emphasizes his "Faith unshakable."  

Faith unshakable means "I believe in my product," he states. "Regardless of anyone else, any pitfalls, or roadblocks, I just believe in me."

The GH audience believes in him as well.  As one fan put it, "Those eyes! And he can ACT."