Curly Hair Advice for Men

Fight frizz and define curls.

Shia LeBeouf by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Some men feel like they're fighting a losing battle when it comes to combating the frizz, high volume and general wildness associated with curly hair, but if cared for properly, it can be their most striking feature! A luscious head of curly locks is definitely a head turner for me.

Patricia Morales, a top stylist for Redken, specializes in keeping male curly heads in Hollywood and on the runway looking sleek, shaped and sexy. This is what she has to say about controlling curly hair, so pay attention!

"Styling curly hair is really about two main things -- reducing frizz and defining curl, " she explains. "Most people get frustrated because they try to tame curl/volume when hair is dry which actually compounds the problem. It's crucial to coat curly hair with product when it's wet to block humidity and define the curl pattern, and once it dries it shouldn't be fussed with."

Morales’ technique is to work a large dose of de-frizzer/curl enhancer like Redken ringlet 07 curl perfector through semi-wet hair to discourage frizz and define the curl pattern. She then coils a couple curls around her fingers while using a diffuser ​​attachment on a hair dryer until it is almost dry (hair can also be air dried). A defining pomade is then gently applied to the perimeter of the head (not through the hair, just on top) to separate and define curls and add shine. This style will last a couple days, especially on coarse hair styles. Finer hair should skip the last step and use a lighter product.

Morales also states that curly hair should not be washed every day but every 2-3 days with a moisturizing shampoo for coarse unruly hair and conditioned with a moisturizing conditioner.

For curly hairstyle inspiration, see this Photo Gallery of Men's Curly Hairstyles.

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