Cure For Sudden Poor Radio Reception

It's worth a look.

Tighten your car stereo antenna for better reception. Ryan McVay/Getty Images

If your car radio is sounding more like a can of ginger ale on a hot day than a car stereo, there might be a simple solution right in front of you.

There are a number of things that can cause your car stereo to lose its reception quality, but this is one of the most common and easily remedied. The problem: a loose radio antenna.

Sounds too stupid to be true, but if your car has a long, stiff "whip" style antenna, as many cars today come with, it could just be loose, causing you to get static. The antenna screws into its base on the fender just like anything else. All you need to do is check it for tightness. If it's loose, hand tighten it then give it a little extra nudge with a wrench or pliers (careful not to scratch the paint!).

If it was loose, you'll be bathed in static free car stereo sound once again.