The Crossfire Penalty in Rodeo's Team Roping Event

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A crossfire penalty is used in the rodeo team roping event. As with rodeo's other penalties, it is critical for the cowboy to avoid application of this penalty in order to stay competitive in the event.

How the Crossfire Penalty Works

In the team roping event, the heeler can only throw his loop after the steer changes direction (basically, after the header turns the steer). If the heeler throws the loop too early, a crossfire penalty can be called by the judges.

Impact of the Crossfire Penalty

If the penalty is called, a devastating 30 seconds is added to the time of the run. The crossfire penalty exists to make team roping event more difficult and to prevent both ropers from throwing their loops almost simultaneously.

For example, Garrett Tonozzi and Brady Minor were called for a crossfire penalty in round four of the National Finals Rodeo.