10 Creepy and Totally Unexplainable Paranormal Stories

Don't Read These Stories Late at Night. Trust Us.

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Ghost stories and other paranormal tales are a dime a dozen, but every once in a while you come across a story that's so bizarre that it defies explanation. The following 10 tales range from mildly creepy to completely terrifying and outrageous, yet they all have one thing in common: we simply cannot come up with a reasonable explanation for them. At all.

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Voices In Woman's Head Diagnose Her Brain Tumor

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In 1984, a woman was sitting at home reading when she suddenly heard a very clear voice inside her head. The voice told her, “Please don't be afraid. I know it must be shocking for you to hear me speaking to you like this, but this is the easiest way I could think of. My friend and I used to work at the Children's Hospital, Great Ormond Street, and we would like to help you.”

After a series of medical tests, including psychological assessments, the patient was eventually diagnosed with a large benign meningioma (brain tumor). The voice continued to speak to her throughout the medical testing.

After she had surgery to remove the tumor, the patient heard from the voices one last time after regaining consciousness when she heard them say, “We are pleased to have helped you. Goodbye.”

She reported no post-surgical problems and never heard the voice again.

The study of a patient diagnosing her own brain tumor with help of mysterious voices in her head was published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

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Imaginary Friend or Visiting Relative?

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"My grandfather passed away just a few weeks after I was born. Never met the guy, never knew what he looked like. When I was 5 years old, I started to see this man in our rocking chair. I called him the rocking chair man. My parents thought it was that 'imaginary friend' stage, but it started to bug them when I told them every single day.

"They finally questioned me about it. I told them every detail I could remember and finally they showed me a picture of a man.

"It was my grandfather.

"To this day, I'm 22 now, every time I dream, he is in the background somewhere. I remember when I dreamed about my high school graduation and I looked in the stands and I saw him with my parents. I like to think that he's just watching out for me and being there when he's not really there." - Alaconz via Reddit.

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Past Life Experience?

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"Several years ago, when my daughter was just over 3 years old, my husband and I were watching a TV show about 9/11. It was on or around the anniversary of the event. My daughter, who was coloring nearby, looked up when the screen showed a plane hitting one of the World Trade Center buildings. She said to us, 'I died there.'

"Then she just went back to coloring like she hadn't said a word. We had never talked to her about the concept of death, and had never discussed 9/11 with her. Since then she has not said anything else about it, but now if something comes on TV about 9/11, she says, 'I don't want to watch this." - Vicki Pocock via beyondreligion.com

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"Skeletor," The Hampton Court Palace CCTV Ghost

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The Hampton Court Palace in Surrey is thought to be one of the most haunted buildings in England.

According to their website, the castle is officially haunted by at least three specters. Catherine Howard, the screaming lady in the Haunted Gallery, has been spotted multiple times over the years by palace workers and guests alike. Sybil Penn, the Grey Lady of Hampton Court Palace, who has been spotted roaming the palace since her tomb was moved back in 1829.

The palace's most notable haunting, however, has to be "Skeletor," the creepy apparition that was caught on the palace's CCTV in 2003.

Palace officials explain on their website:

"On three consecutive days, palace security staff were called to close one particular fire door near the palace's Introductory Exhibition.
“On the first day, CCTV footage showed the doors flying wide open with great force but there was nothing to reveal why.
“On the second day, the same thing happened but this time a ghostly-looking figure in period dress suddenly appeared on the screen and closed the doors.”
They add: “The doors opened again on the third day but there was no further sign of the ghostly doorkeeper."

Is this the ghost of the palace's most famous resident, Henry VIII?

You can check out the video for yourself and see what you think! Watch it here on YouTube.

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Dad's Doppelganger

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"About ten years ago (I was 8) I was visiting my dad at his house.

"My stepmother was in the kitchen and I was in the family room.

"We both saw my father, wearing a red flannel shirt and blue jeans, walk around the corner from the living room and start walking up the stairs. I followed him and called his name as he went up the stairs. He turned back and looked at me, got to the top of the stairs and went around the corner. I called his name again, then from the living room my dad popped his head up over the couch and asked what I wanted. He had been asleep on the couch the entire time, yet both my stepmother and I CLEARLY saw him, wearing the clothes he had on the whole day and all, go from the living room up the stairs.

"It was the strangest thing I've ever seen. Both my stepmother and I still remember it and talk about it to this day.

"Also, it was broad daylight, so it wasn't some uncanny illusion of the night."

-GunslingerBill on Reddit.

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A Child's Creepy Premonition

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"When my oldest sister was little, like 3, she asked my then pregnant aunt to pick her up to hold her. My mom said she was like "she can't pick you up, honey, she has a baby in her tummy." And then my little sister was like "that baby is dead!" My mom freaked out, but my aunt and grandma were fine and were telling my mom it was all good, she was just a toddler and didn't know what she was saying. Well lo and behold my aunt goes to the doctor the next day for a routine pregnancy checkup and the baby was dead. Gives me the willies just thinking about it."
stanleythemanley44 via Reddit
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Shadow Person

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"I was living in a house in Laguna Beach that had been there since the 1920s. In its history, it had been a speakeasy, a brothel, and a house for smuggling illegal immigrants.

"One day, my new wife and I were having an argument. I can't even recall what it was about. She walked down the block to get a cup of coffee and cool off, and I was alone in the house. From my bedroom, I could look across the hall into the bathroom, then through the bathroom and down the other hall. I was standing at my dresser, and I just noticed movement out the corner of my eye, and looked down there.

"There was... and honest to god, this gives me goosebumps just typing it, 17 years later, a black figure. It was maybe three feet tall, and it was only vaguely humanoid. It looked like black scribbles, like someone had scribbled a human shape, but the scribbles moved, like electricity arcing, that's the best way to describe it. There was no sound that I could remember. I distinctly remember when I saw it I wasn't afraid, just like, WTF? Then it noticed me looking at it. I can't say it turned around, it just focused on me I guess. THEN I was scared. I didn't move, didn't scream, nothing; I was just frozen, because it just f**king came at me, it RUSHED down the hall towards me.

"I have no idea what it intended, but as soon as it entered the bathroom, the door closest to me just SLAMMED shut on it. Then I screamed. I yelled for my wife. She wasn't home. I went outside, into the daylight, and didn't go back in until she got home about 10 minutes later."

makeskidskill via Reddit.

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The Mysterious Whistler

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A young man in Lansing, Michigan hears a strange two-toned whistle that seems to come from out of nowhere. Oddly enough, this incident was repeated at random intervals throughout his life, and always left him with a feeling of intense dread. The last time he heard the sound, he managed to take a video of the whistler, though he is still no closer to figuring out who (or what) seems to be watching and following him wherever he goes.

"We saw a figure steering a canoe about 20m off shore. Sarah decided to go get more beers from the car, leaving me alone to stare at this mystery person. And then, of course, they whistled at me. My entire body was frozen and covered in goosebumps. It was the exact same whistler from my childhood, more than a decade earlier. I looked at the figure, but it was much too dark to discern who it could be. They were wearing a hat. When they were perpendicular to the shore from me, they stopped paddling, turned the canoe to face directly at me, and whistled right at me. I was so frightened I stood up and shouted at them 'who are you?!?' They didn't say anything, just whistled a couple more times, turned the canoe 180 degrees, and paddled out of sight."

You can read the entire story here.

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Wilson Hall at Ohio University (West Green)

Wilson Hall
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Room 428 at Wilson Hall is permanently closed. Students at Ohio University, the ninth oldest public university in the U.S., are not allowed to so much as enter the dorm room due to the numerous reports of hauntings and dangerous ghostly activity in the room.

Wilson Hall was reportedly built on an Indian burial ground (because that always ends well). Spiritualists claim that the building is located at the center of a pentagram formed by five such ancient cemeteries, lending this geographical position extra powers of either safety or evil.

In the 1970s, a male student died under mysterious circumstances in room 428. Years later, a female student used what she perceived as the room's "energy" to practice rituals such as astral projection, during which the human spirit is said to leave the body and travel about at will. Not long after moving in, this student died as well, reportedly from cutting her own wrists.

Ever since these two student deaths, anyone who lived in the room reported terribly scary occurrences at all hours of the day and night. Objects flew across the room and smashed against the walls. Students heard voices whispering and even shouting even though no one was there. The door would often open and then slam shut of its own accord. Stranger still, demonic faces kept appearing in the wood grain of the room's door. Although the school replaced the door many times, the tortured, ghoulish faces reappeared every time.

Eventually, the room became too frightening and the university feared another student death could result, so they decided to seal the door shut, forever. This is the only known case where a dormitory room has been sealed off in the U.S. to date.

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Glitch In The Matrix?

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"When I was around 20, a few years ago, I kept having dreams about a woman with long black hair named Aurora (pronounced A-roar-uh). They were different dreams but for some reason, her distinct face and name always ended up in them. It got to the point where I would wake up frustrated and confused, trying to google her name or find out how I was connected to her. After a few months she stopped showing up and I dismissed it, thinking my brain was just being a 'scumbag.'

"Fast forward a few years later, Halloween 2009, I'm in the car with a friend stopped at a gas station. I'm about to pull out and merge onto a highway when I get a phone call from a random number, so I stop the car but no one answered.

"There was a person behind me who grew impatient, honked at me, and then swerved in front of me instead of waiting for 2 seconds for me to move. Second they get on the highway, a silver Civic loses control of their wheel and crashes into the car that swerved in front of me. I called the cops and waited at the gas station for them to come. Turns out the drivers of both cars died. It 100% would have been me if I hadn't got that phone call. Called it back a few hours later out of gratitude and curiosity, rang 3 times and went to voicemail. 'Hi, you've reached Aurora, please leave your name and number.' Never had goosebumps like that in my life.

"Called it again the next day, because I was that confused about the whole situation. Some woman answers, we get to talking, I tell her my entire story including the dreams I had. She tells me she doesn't know how I got her number and that she never called me as far as she remembers. Weird. Ask her if she has a facebook to confirm if she is in fact the woman in my dreams.

"Check her facebook, holy f**k, it's her."

-Sarax11 on Reddit.