Creepy and Cool Hairstyles for Halloween

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Yikes! The Creepiest Hair for Halloween

This look is all in the crimping iron
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Why should Halloween be all about the costume? These creepy, wacky Halloween hair styles pair perfectly with some of the scariest costumes out there.

This look is easy to replicate at home: Blow dry hair straight with volumizing mousse. Follow with a crimping iron on just the middle part. Add a temporary red hair dye for added effect.

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Dead Bride Halloween Costume

Kelly Choi
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Zombie brides, homecoming queens and people in general are always a good bet for Halloween. This costume is sexy and creepy at the same time and easy to pull together.

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Two Chefs and a Baby (in a Stew Pot)

Television personalities The Guncles Scout Masterson and Bill Horn daughter Simone
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

This costume idea is a great riff off of all the Food Network and Top Chef love that's going on these days.

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Is It a Sumo Wrestler or a Big Ballerina?

TCU v UNLV band member costume for Halloween
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

A fun Halloween costume.

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Frida Kahlo Halloween Costume

Rebecca Minkoff dressed as Frida Kahlo at Heidi Klum and Seal's 2010 Halloween costume party
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Here's a detailed explanation of how to pull together this Frida Kahlo costume on the Take Back Halloween website.

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Sexy Little Red Riding Hood

Kim Kardashian
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Mimic Kim Kardashian and go as a sexy Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween.

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Palm Reader Halloween Costume

Garcelle Beauvais
Garcelle Beauvais. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

This is a cool outfit that you could make at home. Don't forget the Tarot Cards in the waistband.

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Lady Gaga and Yoko Ono

Lady Gaga and Yoko Ono
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You can get creative for this look, but you'll definitely need a great Lady Gaga wig. Get a Lady Gaga wig online for less than $20. Find a short friend who wants to pose as Yoko Ono, and you've got a great Halloween costume!

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Go As the "Jersey Shore" Characters

Fox's 'The X Factor' Season Finale - Night 1
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Here's how to look like you're from "Joisey":

  1. Everyone needs loads of fake tanner on their bodies. Increase the sun-kissed look with piles of bronzer on your faces, as well.
  2. Spritz and spray hair to high heaven.
  3. Dark, smoky eye makeup. Lots of lip gloss.
  4. Long, fake nails.
  5. The tightest, lowest cut dresses you can find with huge cross necklaces. And heels. Definitely heels. The tackier, the better.
  6. Guys need tight T-shirts (think Ed Hardy)
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Another Amazing Lady Gaga Look

Lady Gaga
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Lady Gaga is always hot, hot, hot for Halloween. Here's how to replicate her hair and makeup:

  1. Get a Lady Gaga wig online for less than $20.
  2. You'll want to do dark, smoky eyes. Here's a smoky eyes how-to. Don't forget the false eyelashes.
  3. You'll need a deep, dark tan. Get one with fake tanner and bronzer.
  4. Finish this off with amazing red lips.
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Dress Like Snooki of "Jersey Shore"

Nicole Polizzi "Snooki"
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

If you have some curves, you should flaunt them as Snooki for Halloween.

Clothes: Tight, tight is the name of the game. Underneath, wear a push-up bra and stuff it, if necessary (do whatever it takes to generate cleavage). Stuff yourself into a tight, super-short dress (extra points for cheetah or sparkly prints).

Shoes: Super high, strappy black, gold or silver heels. Dark nail polish or a French pedicure (eeek).

Body: Spray tan is a must. Over this, apply glitter body oil or lotion for extra glam.

Face: The smoky eye is a must with false eyelashes. Light lipstick.

Jewelry: Big rings, big necklaces or big glittery bangles.

Hair: Long hair is a must, so straighten hair with a flat-iron or buy a wig. Gotta get a pouf. Try Bumpits to add body up top. Pull back hair on sides.

Your friend can buy himself a six-pack and go as Mike "The Situation."

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Zombie Girl

Creepy dead girl
Hair Styles, Cuts and Do's

This look is especially creepy with a super pale face and absolutely no smiling. You might even trickle some fake blood below the lip (a good look for all of these creepy hairstyles in this gallery).
To get this look, curl hair with curlers or an iron, being careful to not curl all the way up to your crown (you want that straight). Take gel or mousse and flatten hair at the crown, then tease the curls so they look like this picture. You could bobby pin the hair on your crown in place to keep it flat.

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Another Look for Halloween -- Crimping Iron Required

Great look for any costume
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You'll need a crimping iron and lots of volumizer and spray for this look.

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Creepy Halloween Hair -- Get This Look With a Wig

Get this look with a wig
Hair Styles, Cuts and Do's

Many Halloween shops carry wigs that will mimic this look. Complete the look with a pale face and bloody red lipstick.

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Go Spiky for Halloween

Spikes are hot for Halloween
Hair Styles, Cuts and Do's

The key to this look is the color and lots of product. A temporary hair color will work great for this. Apply mousse or gel, blow dry hair out with a flip and then tease the roots so ends stand up straight. You'll need pomade wax to pinch the ends into points. Finish with lots of spray.

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Another Creepy Hairstyle for Halloween

Braid your hair for height
Hair Styles, Cuts and Do's

This style also works on medium-length hair. Dozens of mini braids at the crown give it the height.

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Get Professional Help for This Look

You can't do this look alone
Hair Styles, Cuts and Do's

This look will take either long hair or a fabulous wig. There's likely some sort of shell underneath which allows hair to be wrapped around with such volume. Note: This hair has been crimped.