Creed and Mottos of Special Operations Command (SOCOM)

Combat Controllers
Official USAF Photo

The special operators of the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) have a history of being competent military members with deep beliefs and codes of behavior and confidence in their actions. All members of SOCOM are dedicated warriors, but the Navy SEALs & SWCC, Army Special Forces, Army Special Operations Aviation, Air Force Pararescue and Combat Controllers, 75th Army Ranger Regiment, and MarSOC Raiders have developed a warrior ethos that demonstrates the type of person each is and who are sought in recruiting and training efforts.

Navy SEAL Creed 

The SEAL Creed eloquently explains the type of fighter who becomes a Navy SEAL. The first sentence of the Creed encapsulates the person behind the face paint:

"In times of war or uncertainty there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our Nation’s call. A common man with uncommon desire to succeed."

"We train for war and fight to win" is another quote within the Creed that explains the mindset of the Naval Special Warfare warrior.

NavySEALs have the heritage of the men of the Underwater Demolition Teams involved in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. The SEALs were founded in 1963 to fight in the Vietnam War, mounting numerous successful Special Operations and guerrilla warfare in the jungle of South East Asia. The Creed also says:

"Brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and feared reputation that I am bound to uphold. In the worst of conditions, the legacy of my teammates steadies my resolve and silently guides my every deed. I will not fail."

The Navy SEAL Code is another written verse that includes words such as loyalty, team, and teammate. The underlying common denominator of Navy SEALs is the phrase, "Never quit." 

Navy SEALs have the mindset to "earn your Trident every day." 

Army Special Forces 

Army Special Forces wear the Green Beret and are an elite fighting force for good all over the world. Understanding the enemy of our enemy's culture, the Green Beret is an invaluable force of eyes on the target. 

Their motto is “De Oppresso Liber” — "To Free the Oppressed." The Green Beret is a fighting force for those who cannot fight for themselves. First and foremost, the Army Special Forces Soldier is a volunteer in a dangerous profession. The first few lines of the Special Forces Creed notes:

"I am an American Special Forces Soldier! I will do all that my nation requires of me. I am a volunteer, knowing well the hazards of my profession."

Night Stalker Creed 

The Task Force 160th Army Special Operations Aviation Regiment is known as the Night Stalkers. The TF160th Creed starts off by explaining that the job that they do is not a job but a calling:

"Service in the 160th is a calling only a few will answer for the mission is constantly demanding and hard.

Pulling off incredibly brave flying missions is what motivates these pilots. Saving the lives of fighters on the ground and taking it to the enemy from above is what the Night Stalkers train to do with flawless precision. The Creed continues:

"And when the impossible has been accomplished the only reward is another mission that no one else will try. As a member of the Night Stalkers I am a tested volunteer seeking only to safeguard the honor and prestige of my country, by serving the elite Special Operations Soldiers of the United States."

Ranger Creed 

"Rangers Lead the Way" is the ethos of these elite ground fighters of the Army. This team of specialized, light infantry, parachuting war-fighters has been volunteering for the most dangerous missions since the beginning of our great nation. The word RANGER is spelled out in the six paragraphs of the Ranger Creed and completely describes what it takes to be an Army Ranger: RANGERS LEAD THE WAY! 

Air Force Pararescue and Combat Control Technician Creeds 

The AF PJ Creed is short and to the point:

"It is my duty as a Pararescueman to save life and to aid the injured. I will be prepared at all times to perform my assigned duties quickly and efficiently, placing these duties before personal desires and comforts. These things I do, that others may live."

The Air Force Combat Control Technician (CCT) Creed is: "First there."

The Air Force Special Operations (Pararescue and the CCT) are highly technical special operators who serve as combat medics (PJ's) and forward-deployed air traffic controllers and communicators with air assets for ground support. The terms smart, humble, brave and tactically proficient accurately describe these quiet professionals. 

MarSOC Raiders

"Always faithful — always forward." The MarSOC Raider Creed spells out the meaning one letter at a time, creating a paragraph for each letter M-A-R-S-O-C. The Latin phrase "Spiritus Invictus," which means "unconquerable spirit," describes the fighting spirit of the USMC Raider. The Raider:

"Will be my goal. I will never quit, I will never surrender, I will never fail. I will adapt to the situation. I will gain and maintain the initiative. I will always go a little farther and carry more than my share."

SWCC Creed 

Special Boat Units have been a part of the "Brown Water Navy" for decades and have evolved into the Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen. The Creed reflects the honor and bravery of these Navy sailors who are dedicated to Special Operations missions with their highly specialized high-speed gunboats. The creed starts out as a call to service:

"In our nation's time of need, an elite brotherhood of Sailors stands ready off distant shores and on shallow rivers. Defending freedom, they serve with honor and distinction. I am proud to be one of these Sailors."

The SWCC Creed continues to describe the type of person who drives these boats and operates these precision weapons in support of Naval Special Warfare operations:

"I am a Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman: a quiet professional; tried, tested and dedicated to achieving excellence in maritime special operations. I am a disciplined, confident and highly motivated warrior."