How To Create Drawings of Love and Affection

Learn How to Capture Drawings of Love and Affection With Your Pencil

Mother and child showing drawing of love
Love Drawings Showing Mother. Jasper Cole

Love drawings are those drawings that depict love and affinity. Of course, love itself is an abstract noun – like the air we breathe we cannot see it and yet we know it is there. So how do you draw something you can’t see?

How can you draw an emotion or an idea? Some artists think it is possible and it is to a degree. A good example is Egon Schiele’s work with couples embracing in an ecstatic moment showing an emotional attachment to each other. Ever seen a famous painting called "The Scream?" It is FULL of emotion and pain vibrating endlessly. 

Let’s turn the question around again: how would you draw air? In all likelihood you wouldn’t; you would instead draw the wind and more specifically, you would draw the things that said wind was having an effect on such as trees, leaves floating along the sidewalk or rooftops, hair being blown back--you got the ideas, right?

Likewise then, to draw love or affection we do not draw love itself but rather we draw people (or animals!) that are in love and we see that love reflected in them!

This is what love drawings are all about and bearing in mind the subject matter it should come as no surprise that these drawings are often the most touching, personal and emotional we can create!

So what types of love drawing are there?

For many people, the mind will turn first to romantic love. When we think of love, we think of that person who we cherish most – whose eyes we gaze into as we fall asleep. Whose face we likely know better than our own as we’ve study it on so many occasions. What better face to draw? And what could be a closer subject matter to your heart?

Then again, love can also mean familial love. You can draw yourself with your closest relatives, with the people who you grew up around, or who you are now helping to raise. But of course a drawing doesn’t have to have you in it! Just as likely, your drawing can show two or more family members who love each other and who you also love.

Or maybe your drawing will show your friendships like two gorillas hand-in-hand walking beneath the trees?

Or perhaps – and this is a popular choice – it will show your pets. A portrait of you and your dog or cat can be a wonderful keepsake and a great way to honor an unspoken love. Love drawings can even show the love between two animals!

Either way, these drawings are a fantastic way to immortalize that most cherished of emotions and what happier thing to render? What better gift to give? What better way to remind those you love of all the good times you had?

Especially as, contrary to the lyrics to most love songs, love is often not forever. But while love might break down, your drawing will always remain – perfectly capturing that moment forever!