15 Funny Swimsuits That Are Sure To Turn Heads At The Pool This Summer

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Avert Your Eyes, Children... Swimsuit Season Is Here!


Who could forget that neon green man-kini sported by Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat? Back in 2006, Cohen's questionable choice in swimwear had the world talking - and laughing! Perhaps it was Borat's style that prompted the latest trend in swimwear: to make your fellow pool and beach-goers laugh out loud when they get a load of your outrageous beach wear!

Many of the following swimsuits are absolutely, 100% real and available for purchase. The only thing that's more painful than watching someone perform a horrible belly flop would have to be watching someone strut their stuff while wearing a hairy-chest bathing suit. Yes -- that's a thing that actually exists. What a time to be alive!

To be perfectly honest, we're not sure anyone we know is actually brave enough to sport one of these crazy suits. Would YOU wear one? Check them out and get back to us.

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Hairy Chests Are So Hot Right Now

Via BelovedShirts.com.

Yes, seriously... this is a thing that exists! Beloved Shirts, the company that brings you lots of kitschy garments that are clearly designed purely for entertainment purposes, have launched the bathing suit of the summer with this bizarre hairy torso one-piece. This suit comes in a variety of flesh tones and gives the illusion that the wearer is in need of a serious waxing session! If you want the world to look at you and see nothing but curly, wavy body hair, this suit is for you!

The only thing that is missing is the, erm... how do we say this delicately? The area "down there" is suspiciously bereft of short & curlies. All we can say to the manufacturers of this suit is thank goodness for small favors.

You can purchase this suit here, if you dare!

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Kitten Eating Pizza and Taco

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Why should the ladies have all the fun? There's a surprisingly large variety of funky character swim trunks out there for fellas who don't take themselves too seriously. This particular suit has a kitten face right on the crotch, and naturally that kitten is enjoying two of the internet's favorite foods: tacos and pizza!

Go ahead and purchase it here, if cats eating junk (on your junk) is your thing.

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Did Someone Say Pizza?

Via BelovedShirts.com.

Why should the cats have all the delicious pizza? Wear this bikini with strategically-placed pizza slices to let the world know that you're one hot pepperoni. 

Purchase it here, hot stuff.

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These Shorts Are Making Me Hungry

Via RageOn.com.

Did someone order a delicious burger with a side of sausage? Guys should only wear these funny trunks if they're okay with being labeled a "beefcake." So basically, all guys would wear these.

You can purchase them here, stud muffins.

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Zombie Monster Bikini

Via weirdshityoucanbuy.com.

Zombies are still having a moment on the pop culture scene, so this zombie/monster bikini will definitely turn heads at the beach! This one's for all the ladies out there who only care about braaaaaaiins.

Purchase here, zombie lovers!

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It's Alive! It's Aliiiiiive!

Via RageOn.com.

There's only one word for these "thunder cat" shorts: EPIC. These things are an internet fan's dream come true. 

You can get your pair right here.

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Things Are Better Down Where It's Wetter

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Here's a suit for the grown-ass woman who refuses to grow up! The ones who never got over their Little Mermaid fetish. Summon your inner Ariel and purchase here.

As for us, we'll continue summoning our inner Sea Witch in a basic black one-piece. Ursula for life!

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Washington Riding A Raptor

Via BelovedShirts.com.

Why? Because why not! Yup; this is a swimsuit that features a sunglass-wearing George Washington riding on a dinosaur, just because. And in case you thought it could be more epic... there are also lasers. So many lasers! Go ahead and purchase here - you know you want to.

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Trumped Up Swimwear

Via BelovedShirts.com.

The whole world has an opinion about President Donald Trump; show your support (or not) with this quirky, unflattering portrait of our Commander in Chief. It's no "George Washington Riding a Dinosaur," but it will do.

All you poli-sci majors can purchase this right here.

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The Inside-Out Suit

Via 9gag.

Some bathing suits reveal too much, and some reveal EVERYTHING. Even all the stuff that's usually hidden by, you know, your skin.

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Howdy Pard'ner!

Via SwimOutlet.com.

Saddle up with these hilarious six-shooter holster briefs. There's definitely a new sheriff in town! Purchase here, cowboys.

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Knitted Swimwear Never Took Off. Weird!

Via Someecards.

We've seen some pretty horrible knitwear before, but this takes the cake! Just imagine what happens when this monstrosity gets wet.

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What A Charming Couple

Via Cheezburger.

Um, ma'am... you've got some hands on your, um. Never mind. 

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Old School Geeks, Unite!

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There you have it - 15 of the funniest suits you can wear to the beach this summer. Go ahead, buy one of these and make our next trip to the beach a lot funnier! Please? We'd do it ourselves, but no one wants to see that.