Crash Tag Team Racing Cheats for PlayStation 2

Drive faster and play crazier with these cheats and unlocks for PS2

Crash Tag Team Racing is a racing video game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Vivendi Games in 2005. It was released on the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and the PlayStation Portable. It's the third racing title in the Crash Bandicoot franchise and it follows the titular protagonist as he competes with his nemesis, Doctor Neo Cortex, for an old theme park. It differentiates itself from other racing titles by giving players the ability to clash. When players clash, their vehicles merge and they gain access to a powerful turret weapon.

If you have trouble getting that checkered flag, here are some cheats and unlockables that could give you an advantage on the track.

Person playing Crash Team Racing on a PS2
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Crash Tag Team Racing Cheats

To use these cheats, go to the Main Menu and hold R1+L1 on the controller while simultaneously entering one of the codes below.

Effect Cheat Code
Drive a toy-block car in single and multiplayer. O, O, Triangle, Square
Enable higher speeds. O, O, Triangle, Triangle
Get Japanese Crash. Square, O, Square, O
Enable automatic KO hit with car. X, O, O, X
Disable standard death sequence. X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Disable head-up display (HUD). X, Square, Triangle, O
Make people have chicken heads. X, O, O, Square

Crash Tag Team Racing Unlockables

Unlock Requirement
Tier 2 weapons Bring 500 coins to the character to unlock their weapons.
Crash's Tier 2 weapon Bring 500 coins to chicken to unlock his weapon.
Tier 3 weapons Give each character one power crystal to unlock their weapon.
Crash's Tier 3 weapon Give the chicken one power crystal to unlock his weapon.
Crunch and car Give Crunch 2,500 coins.
N. Gin and car Give N. Gin the Green Plutonium.
Nina Cortex and car Give Nina Cortex the keys.
Coco and car Give Coco fusion unit.
Pasadena and car Give Pasadena one power crystal.
Von Clutch and car Give Von Clutch one power crystal.