Craft the Perfect Homecoming Proposal

Cute ways to ask your date to the dance!

The “homecoming propsal” has a been thing for awhile now, with many guys and girls going to great lengths to ask their date to the dance. I've been consistently impressed with the tactics teens go to... all to secure their dream date.

But that's just the thing... how can you stand out when it seems like almost everything has been done? How can you ask your date in the cutest, most unique way possible...
so they absolutely can't say no?

Whether you're a guy or a girl, you can use these new, creative ideas to ask your date to the dance. Think of them as a jumping off point... use them as prompts to create your own homecoming proposal. Your peers will be impressed and you might even gain YouTube fame.

A Disaster That Turns Into a Surprise

Set up a small disaster. Perhaps you can tell your date that their car just got egged in the parking lot, that their locker was just destroyed by silly string, or that their sports uniform was stolen out of the locker room. They'll mildly freak out. But, when they go to the scene of the disaster, they'll discover something amazing waiting for them... a homecoming proposal from you, complete with balloons, flowers, candy, whatever your date likes. Make sure to capture the whole thing on video. The “freaked out” look balanced out with the “OMG I'm getting asked to homecoming?!” look will be priceless.

Note: to pull this off, you have to make sure the disaster isn't something too huge. You don't want to tell someone their dog or family member was seriously injured or hurt, and then follow it up with a dance proposal. That's just way too much emotion for one person to handle in such a short period of time.
Plus, they might get mad at you and say no. Keep it fun, keep it light, snag your date.

Special Delivery

Arrange to have something delivered to your potential date's house (it can actually be delivered, or you can have a friend or neighbor play the part of delivery person). It can be as simple as a pizza, or as grand as a mail delivery of a life-size box. Whatever you have delivered, inside it should contain your homecoming proposal. Maybe the words “homecoming?” are lettered inside the box... or maybe it's you who jumps out of the box. Be creative, the possibilities are limitless.

Get the Town Involved

If you live in a small town, or if you happen to know a lot of the local businesses owners, you could arrange a very public homecoming proposal. You could arrange for a fast food or movie theater marquis to change their letters to “Maddie: Homecoming with Jordan?” and then arrange for your date to drive by. You could ask your school's marching band to hold up a banner during a football game that contains your homecoming proposal. You could coordinate something with her favorite clothing store, where there's a shirt that says “Homecoming with Justin?” on display. See what options are available to you in your town, and get thinking.

Say it With Food

You could take your date to a restaurant and have the waiter deliver a special dessert plate that has “Homecoming?” written in chocolate syrup on the side. Similarly, you could get special plastic ice cubes and write “Homecoming?” on them in waterproof marker, then drop them in a water goblet and serve it to your date (just ah... make sure they don't actually drink it!) You could have a baker write a special message across cakepops or cupcakes, have a special fortune inserted into a fortune cookie, or have special M&Ms or candy hearts made with your message.

Write a Song or a Skit

If you're a born performer, what better way to express your homecoming proposal than with an original song or skit? Get your friends involved as back up singers, dancers or performers to really make a production out of it.

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