Downloading Country Songs as Ringtones

woman answering phone

 d3sign/Getty Images

It seems everyone has a cellphone, smartphone or mobile phone these days. Fans of the country music genre can find a variety of country music ringtones online. There are ringtones of classic country songs and today's favorite hits. Just download the ringtone and hear your favorite songs each time the phone rings.

Most sites offer free clips of songs, while others make you pay for downloads. Either way, it's a great way to customize your phone with the country songs you love!

Downloading Tips

  • Know your phone. iPhone users may not have to click the song they download into a ringtone folder, while Android users (depending on where you get your ringtone and where it downloads to on your phone) may have to transfer the file into the "ringtone" folder.
  • Check your phone. Most phones come with a variety of pre-programmed ringtones in them. While you may not find your favorite country song--or any popular music songs--on the phone, it can be a good source to find useful ringtones.
  • Set the song. Once you download the song and transfer it into the right folder, you still have to select it as your ringtone. Go back into your phone's settings to see how you set a specific ringtone as default and program the song you want. Remember that most phones let you have different ringtones for different callers, so it is something you can have a little fun with.
  • There's an app for that. Want to download an app that brings you country ringtones? There are many apps where you can find and download ringtones from there. Try looking for country music apps in your Google Play or iTunes store, too. It can be an easy way to get current ringtones.