Country Artists Similar to George Strait

Top 5 recommended artists if you like George Strait

George Strait performs in concert at The Frank Erwin Center

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Not everyone has the same taste in music. Even in country music, there is a vast variety of subgenres to choose from. George Strait is one country artist who dabbles in those subgenres, from Western swing to honky tonk, but at the core of it all, he's just a great, traditional country artist. Here are five artists who possess similar traditional styles; not a country "pop" star in the mix.

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson during liver performance
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It's almost too obvious to link George Strait to Alan Jackson, but it's necessary. In addition to being good friends, the two also share similar styles of singing and performing live. You won't see either of them running around the stage, smashing guitars. While Strait relies on some of the best songwriters around to pen his hits, Jackson writes many of his on his own. Regardless, both have experienced incredibly successful careers, and if you haven't checked out Jackson's music library, go ahead and do yourself a favor.

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley in concert
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Brad Paisley has it all: he can write, he can sing, and boy, can he play guitar. He has a traditional style, but that doesn't mean he's stuffy. In fact, he's anything but. Paisley likes to have fun with songs, and he has written some of the funniest tunes and cleverest hooks, like "Me Neither," "I'm Gonna Miss Her," and "Alcohol." Still, he knows how to balance the fun and games with more serious tunes, like "When I Get to Where I'm Going" and "Whiskey Lullaby."

Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley in concert

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Dierks Bentley, like Brad Paisley, has a varied style. He's a traditional artist with a major honky tonk streak, and he has his share of fun songs like "How Am I Doin'" and "What Was I Thinkin'." Add to that his wholesome good looks and you have the perfect package of a modern country star.

Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols during performance

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Joe Nichols is another great traditional country artist. He has a variety of songs, some serious and some fun. He's yet another artist who is easy on the eyes and respectful of his elders. Nichols has earned a number of Top 20 hits. His 2013 album, Crickets, provided him with two more No. 1 singles: "Sunny and 75" and "Yeah."

Josh Turner

Josh Turner singing in concert
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Josh Turner burst onto the scene in 2003 with the song "Long Black Train," which spent a whopping 40 weeks on the Billboard country charts. The song has a Johnny Cash feel and a country gospel sound, very similar to the other artists on this list. Since then, Turner has become one of country's biggest hitmakers, and he's been nominated for multiple Grammy, CMA and ACM awards.