9 Cotton Gift Ideas for Your Second Anniversary

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The traditional gift for your second anniversary is cotton. You might be wondering what you could possibly get for your husband or wife that is made of cotton and will still convey your love, passion, and commitment. It's hard. But it's not impossible. Cotton can be cool and even sexy. Read on for ideas on how gifts made of cotton for your second wedding anniversary can be special: 

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T-Shirt or T-Shirt Quilt

Cotton is probably best known in the United States for its use in making quality T-shirts in which we all live. You might think that a T-shirt is a boring or unromantic anniversary gift. But you can get creative with it. For example, you might make a T-shirt. Think tie-dye or iron-on adhesive. You could also find a T-shirt that has meaning to both of you, such as one from your honeymoon destination.

So many of us – especially the men out there – have a collection of T-shirts from important events. You could have them turned into a quilt, which would be a special way to both display your favorite cotton and your thoughtfulness.

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Tablecloths, Napkins, Placemats

Cotton tablecloths, napkins, placemats, and runners can be a lovely gift for your second anniversary. Pick colors that match your home or apartment or that can be used for a special holiday that is either close to your anniversary or meaningful to your husband or wife. Make sure to make a delicious anniversary dinner (or order one in) to serve on the new table dressing when you are ready to give the gift.

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Bathrobes and Slippers

There’s no question that most people nowadays are under a tremendous amount of stress, and a spa day, replete with a cotton bathrobe and matching slippers, is a wonderful gift. If you can’t afford the spa, you can always give the robe and slippers as a gift and turn your own bathroom into the spa with candles, bath fizz, cucumbers for the eyes, and your favorite bath scrub.

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Boxers and Panties

Cotton can be as sexy as silk and a whole lot of fun if you find the right lingerie. For example, Victoria’s Secret’s Pink line offers some cute, and even humorous, panties. (There’s a pair that reads, “I love my cheeks.”) And most men’s boxers, boxer briefs, and tightie whities fit the second-anniversary bill, too. Of course, these gifts have to come with an obligatory fashion show and striptease, which can lead to a whole other anniversary gift. Wink, wink.

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Not many people I know still carry handkerchiefs. But there are some lovely ones around with beautiful embroidery or monograms. Men can tuck them in their suit jacket pocket for color. Women can tie them to their handbags. And anyone can frame them and put them on the wall or turn them into pillows for the home. You can make the gift special by picking handkerchiefs with your spouse’s favorite color or a meaningful embroidered message or design.

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Couples who like to go to the beach can choose luxurious beach towels in pretty colors. In fact, there are even beach towels for two and others with pockets for storing money and keys while taking in the sun. You could always provide tickets for a beach weekend with a towel. Towels also make a good gift for those who like to pretty up their home. Fancy bath and hand towels that feature embroidery, monograms, or even sparkly beads work, too.

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Some umbrellas are made of cotton, and they can be lovely gifts. Some people even use them as decoration in their home or to take cover from the sun (not just the rain). Again, you could choose special designs, colors, or embroidery. Monograms on umbrellas are possible, too. They’re practical. Who can’t use an umbrella?

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Handbag or Luggage

If you two love to travel, a handbag or piece of luggage made of cotton is the perfect gift. Planning a vacation on which you could use it is even better. You could monogram this gift, too. Choosing a favorite designer or pattern that speaks to your spouse’s style brings this gift to the next level.

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Blue Jeans

Denim is cotton, which means a pair of jeans that give you a perfect booty, which both of you will appreciate, works as a second anniversary gift. In fact, you could give the jeans and a white T-shirt for an all-American anniversary present. Looking at your spouse in your gift might get you hot, which could lead to that other gift again.