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Ten Lady Gaga Costumes to Make

Lady Gaga Bubble Costume
Ten Lady Gaga Costumes to Make Lady Gaga Bubble Costume. Stephen Carlisle

Get a clue for what to be and learn how to make it yours.

Don't know what you want to be? Look through these photo galleries to get some ideas on what you can turn into this season.

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Playing Lady Gaga is easy because she doesn't have a single signature look, but many.

In fact, there are so many famous Lady Gaga outfits that you could throw a Gaga party, inviting all the guests to come wearing a memorable Gaga style. Just promise to send me pics.

Ten Lady Gaga Costumes to Make:

  • Make a Lady Gaga Bubble Dress
  • Lady Gaga in Pearls Costume
  • Make a Lady Gaga Hair Bow
  • Lady Gaga's Angular Hair
  • Classic Lady Gaga Costume
  • Lady Gaga Cotton Candy Hair Costume
  • Lady Gaga at the Grammys Costume
  • Lady Gaga in Lace
  • Gaga in Green Costume
  • Lady Gaga Crazy Pants Costume
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Sarah Palin Costume

Sarah Palin Costume
Sarah Palin Costume. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The hottest costume for women in 2008 is Sarah Palin herself. Lucky for you that this is an easy-to assemble costume that won't add to your budget deficit.

Get the complete Sarah Palin costume how-to guide.

Included in the guide, I'll show you what kind of suit you'll need, where to get those famous glasses, and even a step-by-step tutorial on her hair style.

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Bella Swan Costume

Bella Swan Costume
Make a Bella to match your Edward. Bella Swan Costume. Summit Entertainment

Attract glittery undead guys with this Bella disguise. Bella Swan Costume Tutorial

Bella Swan seems to attract all sorts of hunky vamps and wolf-men. Why not try your luck as Bella for a night? You can even use our Edward tutorial to dress up the lucky guy of your choice.

Bella Swan Costume Tutorial

More Twilight Costumes to Make:

  • Edward Cullen
  • Rosalie Cullen
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Make a Snooki Costume

Snooki Costume
Be America's Sweetheart, Snooki this Halloween V personality Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi attends the 2010 CMT Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on June 9, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Creepin, pickles and fist-pumpin. If you have been watching Jersey Shore, you know what I'm tawkin' bout.

Ah, Jersey Shore. Say what you will about this show, but the ratings don't lie. People love watching Snooki and the crew stumble their way through love, fights and fist-pumping. Hang on Guidettes, because a Jersey Shore group costume can be fun, and of course... cheap.

  • Jersey Shore Costume Tips
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Make a Miley Cyrus Costume

Miley Cyrus VMA costume
Make a Miley Cyrus Costume Create a stir in your wild Miley Cyrus VMA costume. Getty Images

Miley is bringing back the pop princess look, inspiring girls beyond her Hannah Montana persona. Miley Cyrus VMA Costume Tutorial

  • Miley Cyrus Costume Tutorial

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Make a Devil Costume

Make a Devil Costume
Create a Devil Costume at Home Make a Devil Costume. Jan Tyler

A night of deviling is in your future with a splash of red and a naughty attitude.

There aren't many rules for a devil costume except for dressing in red and donning a mischievous attitude. Try adding a red feather boa like in this photo, and pick up a cheap plastic pitchfork at the dollar store.

Have you made a devil costume? We want to see it! Upload your photo and tell us all about it.

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Gypsy Fortune Teller Costume

Gypsy Fortune Teller Costume
Be a gypsy and tell me my fortune! Gypsy Fortune Teller Costume. Rain Blanken

What's in your future? How about a few flowing skirts and some dangling earrings? Learn how to make this costume with a quick gypsy costume tutorial.

Do you have a loose top and a few skirts at home? You just might already have everything you need for this gypsy costume. We put this one together in just 10 minutes!

Learn how to make this costume with a quick gypsy costume tutorial.

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Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy Costume
Poison Ivy Costume. Getty Images

Poison Ivy is one of the sexiest Batman villains of all time. This is a perfect costume for red heads, or those who aspire to burning locks and deadly kisses.

This is actually an easy costume to assemble out of what you have at home and a few bought items.

  • The Hair – Poison Ivy is famous for her shocking red hair. I went to a store and picked up a box of temporary red dye that lasted a couple of months. If you aren’t up for the commitment, spray-in hair color is available for about $2.00 that will wash out easily. Wear your hair down and use a large-barrel curling iron to make voluptuous waves throughout.
  • The Face – Check out our full Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial with photos and step-by-step instructions for an easy way to get this luscious maven's look. You can buy fake eyelashes if you want, but mascara will work fine. Be sure you have a stick of shocking red lipstick with you at all times while wearing this costume. It’s Ivy’s kiss that is her most deadly weapon.
  • The Outfit – Get a green leotard or short dress. At the craft shop, buy up some fake leaves that are commonly used for flower arrangements. You can also head to your local thrift shop to see if you can find an old fake houseplant to butcher. You will need about 30 leaves. With a needle and green thread, loosely attach your leaves with one or two stitches in a few places on your dress or leotard. Get creative to make them crawl up your side and around your body.
  • The Gloves – Get your hands on any pair of long gloves that will at least reach your elbows. You can dye these green. For leather or vinyl gloves, use a green spray paint.
  • The Legs - Purchase a cheap pair of green fishnet hose, or use a pair of regular panty-hose. Put the hose on and carefully stitch leaves here and there along the hose, wherever you think they will look best. Avoid the knees and ankles. I like to make mine crawl up the sides of my legs as though they were on a vine. You can also get a pair of knee-highs and stitch leaves all around the top of the stockings.
  • The Shoes – In the comic, Poison Ivy wears tomato red heels. If you are going for the movie look, find a pair of tall boots at the thrift store and spray-paint them a dark green. I used light and dark green to make a gradient of color from the top to bottom.

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Make a Michael Jackson Costume

Honor the King of Pop with your own tribute costume this Halloween. Michael Jackson Costume. Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Many fans are giving Michael his due as they dress up as the King of Pop and show off theri best moonwalking moves. Make a Michael Jackson Costume

Make a Michael Jackson Costume

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Fairy Costume

Fairy Costume
Fairy Costume. Rain Blanken

One of the most versatile costumes on earth. Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

You just can't go wrong with a fairy costume because there are so many possibilities. You can be a winter fairy, spring fairy, water's your call. The most important part is to stick to a theme.

The wings:
My hottest tip for fairies is to make your own wings.

  • Make Butterfly Fairy Wings
  • Make Dragon Fairy Wings for Dark Fairies

The dress:
This is up to you and whatever fairy you want to be. For a water fairy, choose something flowing. A fire fairy will call for a shorter skirt. Visit your fabric store and look for specialty fabrics. Get a 1/2 yard and then play with it. Tie it on your waist with some ribbon, make wrist bands out of it, attach it to a hair clip...the sky is the limit with a fairy costume.

An easy way to make a fairy costume is to hack up an old prom dress.

  • Learn how to turn a promdress into a fairy costume

The makeup:
Glitter here, glitter there...glitter everywhere! Heavy eye makeup, lipstick, even lots of blush is good on fairies.

Armed with bubbles, you can add some fun to the party. You can add fake flowers and leaves to a bubble bottle to make it match your fairy theme. Turn a bottle of bubbles into a matching accessory.

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Marilyn Monroe Costume

Marilyn Monroe Costume
Marilyn Monroe Costume. Plush Studios

Is there a sexier costume on the planet? Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

The outfit
This is up to you. The most recognizable outfit for a Marilyn costume is the white dress that is prone to blowing around. Wear a pair of long gloves and heels. Douse yourself in jewelry, namely fake diamonds or pearls.

The hair:
The short blonde bob is a must, even if Marilyn was a natural redhead. You can't avoid buying a wig for this one if you don't have the hair for it. A tip is to look for cheap wigs that are sold for teen costumes. They will fit adult-sized heads and cost a little less.

The makeup
Bright red or pink lipstick. Over-do the mascara on the eyes, but not too much color on the lids. Use an eye pencil or liquid mascara to add a beauty mark just at the upper corner of your lip.

Bonus Costume Tip:
This costume doubles as Ginger from Gilligan's Island. all you have to do is change the hair color and wear a Hawaiian lei and a flower in your hair.

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Playboy Bunny Costume

Playboy Bunny Costume How-To
Are you too sexy for your shirt? Playboy Bunny Costume How-To. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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The outfit:
Find a black or pink leotard. Cut a white collar and cuffs off of an old shirt or one you find at the thrift store. Cut carefully so the fabric doesn't fray. If you can find a cheap bow tie, wear it on the collar. Otherwise, make a bow tie out of some black ribbon, simply tied around your collar. Safety pin the front of the collar to keep it on your neck. Button the cuffs at your wrists.

The shoes:
Wear a pair of heels that match your leotard or bunny ears.

The ears and tail:
Here is a tutorial on how to make bunny ears. For the tail, get a bit of pillow stuffing and stretch it, gathering at the end. If you don't have a pillow to mutilate, just buy a cheap bag of pillow stuffing at the craft store. Wrap the gathered end tightly with string, then pin to the back of your leotard.

Now spend the night trying to avoid getting your butt pinched.

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Corpse Bride Costume

Corpse Bride Costume How-To
Learn how to make a Corpse Bride costume. Corpse Bride Costume. Photo © Warner Bros. Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

If you are looking to recreate Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, don't spend all your cash on one of those bagged costumes at the Halloween store.

The oufit:
For the authentic Corpse Bride look, use a gown that you can cut up. The thrift store is a good source for this. Cut a hole in the side of the lower chest. You can paper mache a set of fake ribs that is slightly wider than the hole in the dress. Slip this in underneath the dress and hot glue into place. For this plan, you'll have to wear a slip underneath so your paper mache doesn't irritate your skin.

The makeup:
Emily has a blueish face with dark circles under her eyes. Wear a lush lipstick and no blush on the cheeks.

The hair:

  • Do not use spray-in haircolor! The hair color will come off onto your wedding dress.
  • Make a wig:
    Corpse Bride wigs sell for more than $30.00 at a costume store and are just made from blue and white yarn. You can purchase skeins of blue and white yarn at your craft store for a few bucks. I have put together complete tutorial on how to make a yarn wig. It takes just a few minutes and doesn't involve any glue.

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70's Disco Costume

70's Disco Costume How-to
70's Disco Costume How-to. Sheer Photo / Getty Images

This one is sure to bring out the funk...and a few laughs.

The hair:
If you have the hair for it, the afro is all yours. Without the tiny curls, you'll have to go out and buy an afro wig. My tip for the wig is to go with any color afro. Red and blonde fro's are big hits at parties.

The clothes:
The thrift store is the #1 spot to find items for a 70's disco costume. Look for polyester slacks. Wear a belt and tuck in a button-down shirt.

You can also make a pair of bell bottoms using a pair of old jeans.

With any luck, you'll be able to find a shirt with paisley or some other kind of loud print. Otherwise, tie-dye or spray paint a shirt of your own.

The shoes
Put on a pair of loafers, some gold chain bracelets and a large pair of aviator sunglasses. The shoes should be nice loafers for an authentic look.

The attitude:
Don't forget, you're the coolest thing since 8-track tapes.

Disco Check List:

  • Make Bell Bottom Pants
  • Tie-Dye a Shirt
  • Spray Paint a Shirt
  • Try a Hippie Look

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How-To Pirate Costume

Pirate Costume
Pirate Costume. David Klien / Getty Images

A little nautical naughtiness never hurt anyone. Okay, maybe it has, but I'm sure you're innocent.


You don't have to be a Pastafarian to appreciate the mystery and mischievousness of the pirate. Being a pirate for a day is so much fun because your character can be a little snide and a little sexy all at the same time. Talk one of your guy friends into making a Jack Sparrow costume and drag him along for a swashbuckling good time.

The outfit:
I have step-by-step tutorials for each part of the pirate costume.

  • Learn how to make your own pirate costume.

The makeup:
Lots of eyeliner and some dark lipstick. use a bit of brown eyebrow penil to smudge here and there to simulate dirt on your cheeks. Pirates can also have scars, so for a rougher look, you can draw on a few stitches with the same eyebrow pencil.

Pirate chicks also have tattoo's, so slap on a temporary tat and tell everyone a tale about the scurvy sea dog that carved it on you with a sharp piece of iron and squid ink.

The Boots:
Pirates wear boots. Unfortunately, tall boots are expensive, and sometimes hard to find at the thrift store. to get around this, wear a pair of heel instead with some striped socks. You'll have the pirate look at half the price.

The Hair:
Tie a scarf on your head and wear your locks wild and free. Pirates don't own hair brushes.

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Princess or Queen

French Princess Costume
French Princess Costume. Compassionate Eye

A princess costume is always a hit. Separate yourself from the crowd with some inspired accessories.

The Hair:
This is a take on a French princess, the wild hair is suitable for a Marie Antoinette costume, but your best bet would be to spray it white.

the Outfit:
Find a cheap prom dress at your local thrift store. If you like, you can embellish it with fake pearls and costume jewelry by hand-stitching these pieces at the waist and collar. Some fairy tale princesses also wear capes. I've put together a complete tutorial on how to make a hooded cape.

Complete Tutorial:
For lots of resources on making a princess costume, visit the photo tutorial.

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Flapper Costume

Flapper Costume
Flapper Costume. Joshua Ets-Hokin / Getty Images

Transport to the speak-easy's and funky dances of the 1930's. Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

The outfit:
Could this costume be any easier? Use a dress that has little or no shape to it, most commonly with spaghetti straps. Get your hands on lots of pearls and a pair of chunky heels. Voila! For added effect, get a long cigarette holder.

The Hair and Makeup:
The most important feature of this costume is the hair and makeup. A short 'do and blushed cheeks make the look. Use a long cigarette holder as a prop.

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Geisha Costume

Geisha Costume How-To
Geisha Costume How-To. Joshua Ets-Hokin

A touch of class and lots of white makeup are needed for this costume. Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

First of all, it will help if you have black hair. If not, a black wig is in order. You can find a cheap one that is simply straight, but for one styled in the traditional geisha up-do, you will be paying considerably more and it probably won't look as good. Wear your hair straight and down to your shoulders for an easy geisha look. You can embellish your hair with metal clips and flowers instead of putting it up.

The kimono is easy to fake if you have a long silk robe and a nice satin or silk scarf. Try the thrift store to find these items. Fold the front of the robe closed and wrap the scarf around your waist a few times, keeping it as wide as possible.

Any shortcomings in your home made costume can be made up with a nice face full of makeup. Paint your face and neck white, covering all skin that is not covered by the neck of your robe. Power won't look right here, you really do need to get costume makeup for this one. Look for packages at the store for clown face paint, they always come with lots of white.

Highlight your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or mascara brush, just to make them look darker if necessary. Red lipstick should be applied to the upper lip and middle of the lower lip. Pat the rest of the lower lip with white makeup.

Geisha walk around on wooden clogs that are raised with two blocks of wood on the bottom. You can fake this with a little foam. Go to the craft store and buy a few sheets of foam that is used for art projects. Cut 2" wide strips of foam and measure them against the bottom of a pair of flip-flops and cut to the width. Start to layer the foam strips by hot-gluing them together, like a hot-glue and foam sandwich. Once they are about an inch or two high (the higher the more difficult it will be to walk in them) hot glue them to the bottoms of the flip flops.

Wear white socks with your flip flops, these are to imitate the traditional 'tabi' socks. Don't wear any rings, carry a parasol and make polite conversation.

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Angel Costume

Adult Angel Costume How To
Adult Angel Costume How To. Joshua Ets-Hokin / Getty Images

Angels are fun because they can be as beautiful and sparkly or simple as you want. Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

The outfit:
Fold a sheet in half and drape it over your body so that you have determined where to cut a hole for your head. Trim the sheet so that it isn't too long. Cut a large 'T' into the sheet to shape it to the form of your arms and torso. Tie around the waist with a rope or braided ribbon.

The Halo:Bend a coat hanger to make a halo, then wrap with gold or silver ribbon. Attach the halo to a headband by bending the remaining hanger around the middle of the headband. Add spray-on glitter if you want it sparkly.

The wings:
My hottest tip for fairies is to make your own wings. Bend a hanger into a wing shape, repeat with another hanger. Use pliers to twist the four ends of the hangers together so that the wings are attached. Cut the legs off of a pair of tights. Cover each hanger with a leg of the tights, gathering the extra fabric at the ends of the hanger. Wrap the twisted ends in the extra fabric. Attach two lengths of ribbon where the hangers meet to hang the wings at your shoulders. Make small wings if you are attending a crowded party! No one likes to get his in the eye with a wing.

The shoes:
Sandals work best for angels, though I've seen a few in silver heels!

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Ballerina Costume

Adult Ballerina Costume
Adult Ballerina Costume. Joshua Ets-Hokin / Getty Images

You don't have to have the moves to be a ballerina at a costume party. Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

The outfit:
Get your hands on a pink leotard. Even a pink one-piece swimsuit will work in a pinch. You can buy pink tulle (the mesh poofy stuff) at the fabric store and simply sew layers of it onto a strip of ribbon. Tie it around your waist for an easy tutu. Wear a pair of white or pink tights.

The hair:
Put your hair up in a tight bun at the back of your head. You can also have a couple of spiral curls on either side of your face.

The shoes:
Pink slipper-shoes will work. Take a long piece of pink ribbon and step on the middle. Put your shoe on. Wrap the ribbon around your ankle and your calf, tying in a ribbon at the side. You will have to add a few stitches here and there to attach it to your tights. This way, your ribbon stays in place.

Add a little glitter to this one. Heavy eye makeup and glitter on the cheeks will have you looking whimsical.

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Man Costume

Man Costume
Man Costume. George Doyle / Getty Images

It's time to get a little hairier...a little smellier...a little MAN-lier.

a man costume is easy if you've got a few men around who are willing to lend you their duds. The best man costumes take the classy route, using a suit and a cigar. think Groucho Marx. The best part about a man costume is that you can play the part all night.

The Makeup?
Okay, not really makeup, but a disguise, anyway. I couldn't find a good tutorial on how to make a fake beard or mustache, so I cooked up my own recipe using a Barbie doll. Yes, Barbie can make a man out of anybody. Here are the complete photo tutorials:

  • Make a Fake Mustache
  • Make a Fake Beard

The Outfit
Get your hands on a suit. You can borrow one from a buddy or find one for cheap at the thrift store. The thrift store option is nice because then you're not obligated to return a suit that is in need of dry cleaning after a party. Don't forget the neck tie.

Thanks to Bill Clinton, a cigar is a party prop that you can make jokes about all night. You can also try a cane for an older look.

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French Maid Costume

French Maid Costume
French Maid Costume. Headhunters/Getty Images

The french maid is a hot classic. Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

The outfit
There is no getting around this'll need a maid's uniform. Don't worry, we can make one out of a few things you can chance finding at the thrift store or around the house. At the thrift store, try to find a little black dress. If it doesn't have a poofy skirt, you can still make it work.

Find an apron at home or at the thrift store. Cut the bottom to make it shorter than your dress. Scallop the edges to give it a fancier look. If you like, you can also sew eyelet trim around the edges. Wear sheer black tights and black or white shoes.

The hat:
For the maid's headpiece, use what's left of your apron. Cut an oval out of the material that is slightly wider than your head, about as big as your hand. Trim this piece all around the edges in eyelet lace. Hot glue this onto a white headband, or a headband wrapped in white ribbon.

The makeup:
Be sure to put on hot red lipstick with this costume. The red will look like a shocking burst of color alongside the black and white. Put on lots of mascara and a little color on the eyes.

Don't forget the feather duster! This is a fun prop at parties.

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Masquerade Mistress

Masquerade Costume
Masquerade Costume. Ryan McVay/Getty Images

This costume gives you a touch of mystery, even in well-known company.

The mask
Your choice. Do you want to imitate an animal, as in be bird-like or cat-like? Should you have a feathered mask or coat it in glass beads? There are so many ways to make a mask, it is impossible to go wrong. Check out our feathered mask gallery for ideas.

Visit a costume store near you to get ideas from the masks they are selling for ridiculous prices on the shelves. Bags of feathers, beads, glitter, paint and sequins sell for very cheap at craft stores. One fun way to masquerade is to have a mask-making event with your friends a few days before the party.

The outfit
Just about anything goes here, but remember that when you are masked, you can stretch the limits of imagination with your costume. A cape lends a mysterious air. I've put together a complete tutorial on how to make a hooded cape.

Go glamorous in a full ball gown, or simply wear a cocktail dress. Be sure, though, to match the colors in your mask.

Everyone loves someone in disguise who gives out presents. Hand out candy, glitter, beads, small bottles of bubbles or whatever else you can think of while you're at the party. It will keep them talking about you all night long.

Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

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Cave Woman Costume

Adult Cavewoman Costume Ideas
Ugga. Bugga. Adult Cavewoman Costume Ideas. Joshua Ets-Hokin

Need More? Visit our complete guide to Costume How-To's and Ideas.

The outfit:
Hit the fabric store and get a length of fake fur. A yard should do. Simple drape it over you and cut a hole where your head should poke out. Lace up the sides by poking holes in the fabric and threading with a neutral color of ribbon or leather lacing.

The makeup:
Use facial mud mask cream to smear on your face around the cheeks. Don't put any on your brow or forehead because it may get in your eyes as you sweat.

The hair
Find a fake bone to roll in your hair. Start at the front and roll the bone in. Hide a hair clip where the bone meets your head to secure. Some leaves wouldn't can also use mud from a facial mud mask to dirty up your hair.

The shoes:
If you must, wear sandals.

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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Costume
Little Red Riding Hood Costume. Javier Pierini/Getty Images

This storybook character has a back story that everyone knows, so it's easy to play the part.

Girls in the hood:
I've put together a complete tutorial on how to make a hooded cape. Use a deep red material, or something shimmery to jazz it up.

The outfit:
After you have the red riding hood, the rest of the outfit can be anything. Just don't over do the red. A nice short dress looks best.

The shoes:
Find a pair of red shoes or boots to match to the hood.

Don't forget the basket! With this costume, you can have a little basket that has goodies inside. See if you can get someone else to go as the Big Bad Wolf to make the party a little more interesting.

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Ariel or Mermaid Costume

Mermaid Costume
Create an Ariel or Mermaid costume. Mermaid Costume. Joshua Ets-Hokin/Getty Images

Mermaids are a timeless fantasy costume for all ages. This costume can be made to look like a generic mermaid, or Ariel of The Little Mermaid.

The Tail:
On this one you'll have to find a dress that thins out around the calves and ankles. You can alter an existing dress to make it thinner at the bottom by taking in the seam. Then add some shimmery fabric to the sides to simulate fins. If you are trying to look like Ariel, you will need to go with a green dress. Otherwise, any color will work.

The Top:
For an easy top, you can dye a bra and cover the cups. Get a cheap bra and a pack of RIT dye. This dye is available at your local grocery store. Choose a color of the sea, like blue, purple or green. Dye the bra as are some photo instructions for cold water dying.

Cut large scalloped shell shapes from a shimmery fabric (find inexpensive fabric online). The shells need to be large enough to cover the cups of your bra. Stitch these around the edges to loosely cover your bra cups. The top can be something like a bra if you want, but I have seen high-cut tank tops work just as well.

The hair:
To look like Ariel, you'll need to have red hair. Don't use the spray-in hair color that you can find everywhere at Halloween. This stuff will easily rub off on your skin and clothing during the night. I suggest Ariel only for natural redheads, or for those who don't mind splurging on a cute auburn wig (see wig). Another way to do the wig is to make it completely out of red yarn with our yarn wig tutorial.

If you don't care to look like Ariel, any hair color will do, and it will help to embellish it with shells or flowered barettes (make flowered barrettes). String some pearls around your neck and add a flower to your hair. You can even find fake seaweed at the pet store that will stick nicely in your locks.

The makeup:
Light makeup is in order, again, and choose colors of the sea. I have seen some cute mermaids with starfish painted on their cheeks, glittery eyelids and soft blush to the cheeks.

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Peacock Costume

Peacock Costume
A masquerade version of this beautiful bird. Peacock Costume. Rain Blanken

So, peacocks are actually male in real life, but on Halloween, you can be anything (even a man). This masquerade ball peacock costume is quirky and elegant.

The Makeup: Create swirling lines drifting out from the corner of one eye for a masquerade look that doesn't require a mask. I added a small yellow dot to emulate the 'eye' of the peacock feather. You can use soft face paints for this, or even liquid eyeliner and eyeshadows. To make the eyeshadow more vivid, add some of the powder to water to form a light paste.

Optional Feathered Mask: I've put together a complete tutorial on building a feathered mask from scratch. The results are stunning, and it really only takes a few minutes. Make a Feathered Mask

The Hair Piece: Feathers are, of course, an integral part of this costume. I put together this feathered hair piece by sandwiching an arrangement of feathers between two pieces of felt. We stitched it onto a headband for a quick and easy hair piece. Send me an email if you need help with this step. Peacock feathers can easily be found at your local craft store.

The Dress: Here, we used a $3.00 dress from Goodwill. It happened to fit perfectly and appeared luminescent, like peacock plumage. Wear something that is dark blue or purple in color, and fits excellently. No matter what dress you choose, this costume is going to look great with the accessories.

The Tights: I feel like the tights are an important part of this costume because they add color coordination. Go with the denim blue as seen here, or try black.

The Shoes: We used gold strappy sandals to symbolize the peacock feet. The gold completed the dazzling masquerade style of this costume, and a low heel was easy to walk in after hours of trick-or-treating. Go with gold or even silver on the shoes, and keep them simple. Boots are just not right for this look.

If you need any more help, please email me, Rain, and I'll do my best to help with your peacock costume.

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Old MacDonald and Animals Group Costume

Old MacDonald and Farm Animals Costume
With a *blank blank* here, and a *blank blank* there... Old MacDonald and Farm Animals Costume. Photo by RBerteig

An easy and fun group costume, a farmer and barnyard animals is easy and can accommodate any size group.

What do you need for this costume?

  • Farmer - Overalls, boots and a straw or cowboy hat. Easy!
  • Cow - You don't need a full-on cow costume. Use black fabric paint to put large spots on a white t-shirt. Blow up a couple of surgical gloves, tie the ends, then staple the wrist to the shirt to make udders.
  • Chicken - For this costume, you can really wear anything, as long as you have a feather boa that you can snip and staple to the cuffs and collar of your shirt. IF you've got time, stitch instead of staple.
  • Scarecrow - Staple raffia or straw to the inside of the cuffs and collar of a plaid shirt. Wear jeans and boots.

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