Cory Silverberg

Photo credit: Viviana Cornejo

Cory Silverberg, M.Ed. is a sexuality educator, author, media contributor and researcher collaborator. You can read more about Cory's work on his Google profile: Cory Silverberg


Since discovering his passion for talking and teaching about sex, Cory Silverberg has worked in as many areas of sexuality as he can find time for. He is a sexuality media consultant, a founding member of a worker co-operative sex store, a sex educator, a frequent contributor to national media, and co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability.

In 2014 Cory was awarded the Vicki Sexual Freedom Award from the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.  Cory is currently working on a series of books for young children about sexuality and gender. The first, What Makes a Baby, was published in 2013.  The second, Sex Is a Funny Word, will be published in 2015.  He also has conducted workshops across North America on the topic of sex and technology, sex toys, sexual communication, and sexuality and disability.


Cory received an honors BA in psychology from York University and a Masters degree in Education focusing on sex education and counseling psychology from The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at The University of Toronto.

Cory Silverberg

"Sexuality is the best and most interesting way for me to understand the world and the people around me. On this site you will find friendly, non-judgmental, and accessible information, encouragement, and advice that will try to get you to think about sex in different ways."

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