Be a Contestant on 'The Price is Right'

Come on Down!

Price is Right Showcase Podiums
Courtesy CBS

Come on down! If you dream of hearing these words, donning your custom-made TPIR t-shirt, and heading up to meet Drew Carey and the models, then read on! You could be the next contestant on The Price is Right!

Although it appears that contestants on The Price is Right are called down randomly from the studio audience, there is actually a screening process that takes place hours before the show begins taping to find potential contestants.

Get Your Tickets First

Contestants are chosen from among the ticket holders for each taping, so the first step to playing the game is to get tickets for The Price is Right. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend a taping and have identification with you including valid photo I.D. and proof of your SSN (or SIN for Canadians).

The ticket booth for Price is Right tickets is located at 7800 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles. If you're planning to get there early, a good idea is to scout out the location the day before you'll be waiting in line so you'll know what to expect, where to go, and what your surroundings will be like.

The Screening Process

Early in the morning on the day of taping, audience members are assigned name tags that also have identification numbers printed on them. These name tags are the ones that you see on the show in the shape of price tags, and the numbers are used by the production staff to identify those chosen as contestants.

Audience members are brought into the studio in small groups of ten or twelve at a time, and each person is interviewed briefly by the production staff. They're looking for interesting, enthusiastic people to "come on down" and play The Price is Right. Those selected to play the game are noted and sit with the rest of the audience to wait for their names to be called. If you don't get chosen don't despair - you can try again as soon as you're able! Also keep in mind that, with a small audience size and the number of camera sweeps in each episode, you'll probably end up on television anyway, even if it's not exactly how you wanted to be featured.

Tip: Throughout the whole process, act like casting producers are watching you. Always be respectful of others, smile and have fun, and make sure you're enjoying the process. You never know when casting staff members are actually just around the corner, and they could see you at any time. Best to make a good impression!

What Are My Chances of Getting on The Show?

Only nine contestants are selected from the 325 audience members for each episode, and of these nine contestants, only six will make it past Contestant's Row and get to play the game. It might sound like slim odds, but when you consider the thousands of applicants for other game shows, the odds of becoming a contestant on The Price is Right are actually very good!

The main thing here though is to enjoy yourself. The filming will be exciting to experience whether or not you get called down to play.