The Top 8 TV Shows for Conservatives

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It can be difficult these days for conservatives to find good, wholesome, informative, and entertaining shows to watch. But they do exist. The varied shows listed below include sitcoms, dramas, and reality television. If you are a conservative and don't want your values insulted with every turn of the television channel, this list is for you. Each slide is headlined by the name of the show followed by the network on which the program originally aired. Some of the shows have been canceled but can still be found in syndication.

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Duck Dynasty: A&E

Though the show's original run ended in 2017 after five successful years, "Duck Dynasty" broke several ratings records when it aired on A&E. The show follows the duck call tool-making Robertson family as they run a business, raise a family, and engage in assorted good old country redneck fun. The Louisiana clan loves guns, God, and family. Many critics criticized the frequent use of guns on the show, but the Robertsons represent the clear majority of responsible gun owners in the country.

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Last Man Standing: ABC

This popular network sitcom regularly takes aim at liberalism. Tim Allen of "Home Improvement" and "Toy Story" fame plays a businessman and father of three daughters. Allen's character regularly takes cracks at big government and anti-business regulations as well as a host of other liberal issues. The show is also a bit of a throwback to sitcoms of the 1990s, which were not highly sexualized, and draws a wide, family audience.

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Shark Tank: ABC

If you are in need of a little good old-fashioned capitalism, "Shark Tank" might be the show for you. The hit program features aspiring entrepreneurs who make product or business pitches to a group of investors, hoping for a buy-in. Conservatives love creativity, ingenuity, and people who strive for the American dream. And "Shark Tank" offers a formula where viewers can tune in and see budding entrepreneurs full of hope. 

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Jeopardy: Syndication

In a world of increasingly dumbed-down television, it's nice that the grandfather of Q&A shows, "Jeopardy," is still a hot ticket and that host Alex Trebek is as popular as ever. As an added bonus, the show occasionally features teacher, high school, and college student weeks where top educators and pupils compete in mini tournaments. If you want to feel good about yourself while watching good, wholesome, and informative television, this is the show for you.

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This long-running crime show seems to only be gaining popularity as it ages. "NCIS" follows a team of special agents who solve crimes and fight terrorism within the United States Navy. This show portrays the military in a positive light and centers around its highly ethical, moral, and good-natured cast of characters. The weekly drama sets a priority on faithfulness—both to God and fellow man—freedom, and devotion to country. What's more conservative than that?

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Seal Team: CBS

"Seal Team" is a military drama that debuted in 2017 and follows the professional and personal lives of an elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train, plan, and execute the most dangerous, high-stakes missions the country can ask of them. Jason Hayes is the respected, intense leader of the Tier One team whose home life has suffered as a result of his extensive warrior's existence. But he and his team labor on because sacrifices such as these need to be made for the good of the country.

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Blue Bloods: CBS

"Blue Bloods" is a drama about a no-nonsense, multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement. Frank Reagan is played with weighty seriousness by Tom Selleck, in a 180-degree turn from the fun-loving, rule-breaking private investigator, "Magnum PI," the character that helped him achieve fame. In this show, Selleck grapples each week with a new moral or ethical issue plaguing his police force, always vigilantly protecting the officers who dutifully serve in his department.

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Pawn Stars: History

Centered on the daily activity of a family-owned pawn shop full of compelling artifacts, the program shows how two parties can mutually and fairly benefit from a negotiated free-market transaction, independent of any government assistance, says Conservapedia. The show, which has a tongue-in-cheek tone and covers the foibles of the pawn shop founder and his sons, features perfectly wholesome, conservative entertainment.