Compressed Natural Gas Conversion Companies

These businesses offer CNG conversion kits and installation

Compressed natural gas fuel door
Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel door. P_Wei/E+/Getty Images

Continued high gas prices have increased interest in compressed natural gas conversion kits and installation. There are a number of considerations before making the decision to convert your vehicle. However, if you plan to make the switch, the following is a list of companies providing kits and/or installation for CNG conversion.

The following information (presented alphabetically) is an update to an earlier version of this list. These are the companies we've found that currently sell and/or install CNG conversion kits.

CNG Conversion Companies

A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems claims to have all that's necessary to convert your vehicle to CNG. They are based in Fresno, Calif. For more information, visit A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems.

Agility Fuel Systems provides engines and conversion kits that are both EPA- and CARB-certified. They have products available for most GM and Ford vehicles. Visit Agility Fuel Systems to learn more.

Alternative Fuel Systems of St. Louis specializes in CNG and LP vehicle conversions and compression systems. Learn more at Alternative Fuel Systems of St. Louis.

BAF Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Clean Energy Company. Its alternative fuel vehicle upfitting capabilities include aftermarket CNG conversions of Ford-manufactured vans, cutaway shuttles, taxis, pick-ups, and light-duty trucks. Learn more at BAF Technologies.

Baker Equipment is based in Richmond, Va., and converts OEM gasoline engines to run on CNG, offering sales, installation, and services throughout the eastern US. Learn more at Baker Equipment.

Clean Fuel converts fleet and personal vehicles to run on CNG, specializing in EPA-certified conversions for sedans and light-duty pick-up trucks and vans. It operates conversion facilities in Texas and Oklahoma. Learn more at Clean Fuel.

CNG Interstate notes that its compressed natural gas systems are aftermarket performance parts and do not change your vehicle’s current fuel injection system nor do they tamper with the Federal Emission Standards. CNG Interstate must equip your vehicle with your new kit. For more information, visit them at CNG Interstate.

Energy and Water Solutions offers two types of conversion kits for gasoline engines and a low-cost kit for diesel engines. Find out more at Energy and Water Solutions.

Environmental Vehicle Outfitters designs and installs alternative fuel systems for fleet and consumer cars, SUVs and trucks. Based in Marina del Rey, Calif., you can find more information at Environmental Vehicle Outfitters.

FuelTek Conversion Corporation's core business is the conversion of on- and off-road vehicles to CNG or LPG vehicles. Although located in the Denver metro area, they work with a network of providers in a number of states. Learn more at FuelTek Conversion Corp.

Hendrix Industrial Gastrux provides EPA-certified conversion kits for a number of vehicles. They do not offer do-it-yourself kits; conversions must be done at their facility. Learn more at Hendrix.

IMPCO Technologies is a business unit of Fuel System Solutions, Inc. and designs, manufactures, and supplies alternative fuel components and systems. For a full line of products and services available, visit IMPCO Automotive.

Landi Renzo USA has acquired Baytech Corporation and now offers a dedicated CNG kit for GM 6.0L and 8.1L engines, as well as the Ford 5.4L engine. The company installs, calibrates, and provides extended service for its EPA and CARB certified systems. Learn more at Landi Renzo.

NatGasCar Company has introduced a Dodge Ram 4.7L Conversion System, beginning with the 2010 model. To learn more, visit NatGasCar Company.

NaturalDrive operates in Arizona and offers OEM-style retrofits with no underhood wiring modifications. They partner with a number of automotive facilities to offer CNG retrofits and warranty service in several states. Learn more at NaturalDrive.

Omnitek Advanced Technologies offers proprietary technology for converting diesel engines to natural gas. The company says it has 5,000 systems installed worldwide. Visit Omnitek Engineering, Corp. for more information.

Productive Concepts International is based in Union City, Ind., and claims to be the only high-volume production line in the US capable of almost any alternative fuels conversion, including CNG. For more information, go to PCI's website.

Phoenix Energy Corporation offers CNG conversion, installation, and refueling equipment in Alabama and surrounding states. They are a registered contractor for the federal government. For more information, visit Phoenix Energy Corp.

RGR Alternative Fuels is a Nevada-based certified dealer and installer of EPA-certified bi-fuel CNG conversion systems. For more, visit RGR Alternative Fuels.

Thigpen Energy Services, LLC provides CNG conversion services. Learn more about this Texas-based company at Thigpen Energy Services.