The Complete Guide to Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Prepare for Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom

A picture of a frantic mom trying to take care of six kids
Do you know what you're getting yourself into? Prepare for life as a stay-at-home mom before you make the leap. Photo © Maria Pavlova / Getty Images

Welcome to stay-at-home motherhood. You're on your own. No training. No manual. You'll be completely unprepared for what to expect.

But that's okay. Prepare yourself for life as a stay-at-home mom as much as possible. From quitting your job to become a SAHM to owning your stay-at-home motherhood, you'll be as ready as possible for your days in the trenches of at-home parenting.

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Nurture the Most Important Relationships in Your Life

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Nurture the most important relationships in your life and you'll be a happier, stronger you. Photo © Sam Edwards / Getty Images

You will be so completely focused on your children that it will be very easy to neglect the relationships in your life. You'll also be so busy taking care of your children and getting them where they need to go that you may even start to feel disconnected from them, although you're spending more time with them now than ever before.

Nurture the most important relationships in your life to keep that connection strong between you, your spouse, your children, your friends and other family members. And don't forget to nurture your relationship with yourself. Me-time is crucial to being a happy stay-at-home mom.

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Be Ready to Ask for Help

A picture of a woman from the 50's doing housework
It's not the 1950's anymore. Get a helping hand around the house and don't feel guilty about it. Photo © sturti / Getty Images

You're helping everyone. But who's helping you?

Be ready to ask for help because you simply can't do it all alone. Get the helping hand you deserve with everything from housework to child care. That extra help makes your life much easier and takes a lot of stress of your plate.

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Stay Organized

A picture of a family calendar
Get your family organized to keep your sanity in check. Photo © Alan Shortall / Getty Images

You will always feel like pulling out your hair if you don't stay organized. Stay-at-home moms don't sit on the couch all day and do nothing. We're too busy doing everything to even see the couch, unless we're cleaning underneath it.

If you don't stay organized, you're overworking yourself mentally and physically. Step one is to organize your entire life, home and people included. Yes, it can be done and you'll feel better when the day-to-day chaos is under control.

You'll also need a family calendar. There's no sense in trying to store everyone's schedule in your brain. Give your noggin a rest.

Next, do yourself a favor and download an organizational app just for moms. They will keep everything organized for you, including your shopping lists, coupons and budget.

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Stretch Your Family's One Paycheck

A picture of a woman saving money
Stay-at-home moms know how to make every penny count. Photo © JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty Images

On a single income, you'll be squeezing every dollar until George Washington's eyes bug out. Living on a budget will be much easier on your family if you have a solid financial plan that doesn't make everyone in your house feel like they're being deprived.

Look for great ways to save money in places you may not have even considered before. You're probably overpaying on your mortgage, utilities, groceries, medicine for your children and more without even knowing it. Lower all of your bills and keep that money in your wallet where it belongs.

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Earn Money for Your Family

Earn money while raising your family. Photo © / Flickr

Being a stay-at-home mom doesn't have to mean the death of income for you. Many stay-at-home moms continue to work in some capacity to cover their employment gap while being out of the workforce full-time to raise kids.

There are many jobs for stay-at-home moms that are a good fit for your busy schedule. Find the opportunity that works best for you, whether it's a part-time job outside of the home or online work you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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Keep the Kids Busy

A picture of a family playing
Be the most important playmate in your children's lives. Photo © Oliver Rossi / Getty Images

When you're at home with the kids, you're not only their mom. You're their entertainment director.

If you don't keep them busy, you'll all be bored. And that will make your days as a stay-at-home mom both difficult and very, very long.

Entertain your children with learning activities and play fun teaching games. Try science experiments at home and hit the road for some field trips. There's no shortage of kids' activities that will keep all of you busy while enjoying your time together.