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Magic Woman M Anime DVD Cover Artwork
Magic Woman M Anime.

What They Say

Her wand is bigger than yours! Meruru is a sexy sorceress lost in a forest of unsavory characters. But these lustful beasts are in for a surprise. When aroused, Meruru attains the state of ultimate ecstasy and unleashes an explosive power from within! Also known as ''Magical Girl Meruru,'' Magic Woman M is a two-episode, original video animation presented in its entirety on a single DVD. Features: Meet the Characters, art gallery, audio commentary, Spells and Stuff, anime artform, and previews. Audio: English, Japanese. Subtitles: English subtitles. Adults only!

Who is Magic Woman M's Target Audience?

Definitely an adults-only anime, Magic Woman M is the latest addition to the Anime HotShots line of mature anime DVD's from Central Park Media and A18 Corporation. Full of fantasy and magic, Magic Woman M is the story of Meru, a sorceress lost in a forest full of less-than-savory beings. Viewers shoudl be careful not to let the fantasy setting fool them as Magic Woman M is very much in the genre of Japanese animated pornography (commonly called Hentai back in the late 90s) is is targeted towards adult fans looking for something a little different. Magic Woman M is not in any way made for children or even teenagers (who should be watching Pokemon instead).

How Many Episodes of Magic Woman M are There?

There are two episodes of the Magic Woman M anime that were released directly to DVD in Japan and have been adapted for a single-DVD release in North America.

Where Can I Buy the Magic Woman M Anime?

Magic Woman M is available on DVD on Amazon and several other online retailers. The DVD was released back in 2006 however, so stock is bound to be very limited. Other versions may be available on other regions.

Who Owns the Rights to the Magic Woman M Anime?

The Magic Woman M anime was originally licensed by Central Park Media but the rights now sit with the company, Critical Mass.

Is There a Magic Woman M Manga Series?

Magic Woman M is actually based on a manga by Nekoshita Pong that used to run in the magazine, Monthly Fantazine between 1996 through 2000. The manga is currently not in print and has not been translated into English outside Japan. 

Why was the Magic Woman M Anime Released in The West?

In the 90s there was an inaccurate, yet common assumption among Japanophiles that Japan's animated porn industry was not just pornography as is viewed in The West but a legitimate genre of film on par with Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, etc that was exploring sexual themes. Basically the genre was misinterpreted as being Arthouse. This bizarre acceptance of Japanese animated pornography lead to a rather big market for the media among anime fans that has since died down as consumers became better educated and aware of the nuances that exist in Japanese animation. COMPARE PRICES

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